Poll: Do you think the Vatican should have allowed the new McDonald’s to be near St. Peter’s square?

McDonald’s has recently opened a new restaurant near St. Peter’s Square. Tourists and Vatican officials have welcomed the chain with mixed reviews. Some people have accepted the fast food joint as a cheaper solution to an area of overly priced restaurants. Other people find it to be an inappropriate addition to the cultural identity of […]

Poll: Do you think sacraments should be held off until the age of reason?

Underneath the Pope are a few rites which practice the distribution of the holy Eucharist and confirmation at a much earlier age than the Roman Rite. Rites such as the Byzantine and Alexandrian are liturgies stemming from eastern cultures who believe sacramental grace should be received longer. In comparison, the Roman Rite emphasizes holding off […]

Poll: Does the trend of machines replacing human work worry you?

The Vatican recently hosted big-name scientists like Stephen Hawking to talk about ethical challenges with artificial intelligence. Is the increasing trend of machines replacing human work concerning to you? The Vatican recently hosted big-name scientists like Stephen Hawking to talk about ethical challenges with artific… in Catholic News Agency Polls on LockerDome

Poll: What’s your favorite St. Nicholas story?

Happy Feast of St. Nicholas! The Dec. 6 feast day honors the 4th-century Bishop of Myra most well-known for being the inspiration for the modern-day figure of Santa Claus. But there’s a lot more to the real St. Nick than a red suit or gift-giving. In fact, the beloved saint was a staunch defender of […]

Poll: How are you using advent to prepare for Christmas?

Advent has traditionally been a time of preparation for Christ’s incarnation, something similar to the preparation within Lent. The members of the church have participated with greater alms giving, prayer, and material sacrifice. Only with the past century has Christmas time taken a turn towards the holiday hustle and material mindfulness. Pope Francis has urged […]

Poll: How are you helping victims of the Louisiana flood?

With waters receding from the unprecedented flooding that hit Louisiana earlier this month, locals are facing a long road ahead for clean up and repairs. As much as 25 inches of rain fell in Southern Louisiana from Aug. 11 to Aug. 15, causing damage to at least 60,000 homes and taking the lives of 13 […]

Poll: Is the US doing enough to support religious freedom worldwide?

Following the release of the U.S. State Department’s annual International Religious Freedom report, advocates are calling for action. The report documented abuses in 200 countries and marked anti-blasphemy laws as one of the biggest threats. Advocates said this opportunity should be used to make efforts to support international religious freedom with action such as visa […]

Poll: Are you going to watch the Rio Olympics?

The Pope’s universal prayer intention for the month of August is that sports may build a culture of encounter for world peace. In a video message he said he hopes that sports can serve as a vehicle of fraternity and friendly encounters between people. His intention comes the same week as the beginning of the […]

Do you think this Medal of Honor recipient will be canonized?

The Congregation for the Causes of Saints approved another step in the possible canonization of Servant of God Fr. Emil Kapaun, a Catholic priest who died in a North Korean POW camp. This means that the committee assigned to his cause have evaluated documents in his case and have found no error and and will […]

Poll: Do you agree with the Supreme Court’s decision to strike down Texas abortion clinic regulations?

On Monday, the US Supreme Court struck down a 2013 Texas law regulating the safety of abortion clinics, saying that it put an “undue burden” on women’s “right to an abortion.” The case had challenged two regulations that abortionists must have admitting privileges at a local hospital and clinic buildings must meet the standards of […]

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