Pope Francis says let them stay in Church. (Photo by Dennis Hayes via Flickr)

Pope Francis: God’s voice is in tears of children at Mass

In case you missed this news a few weeks ago: During an evening Mass at San Giuseppe all’Aurelio parish in Rome on December 14th, Pope Francis told parents that children’s tears were “the best sermon,” as reported on catholicculture.org.  Addressing parents whose children had been baptized in the last year, Pope Francis said “…children cry, they […]

Bonus of not being a consumer: Avoiding the mall at Christmastime.

Consumerism: Why it’s bad and what you can do about it

My friends tease me all the time about how often I tell camp stories, but that’s how I’m going to start this blog post. It was a warm, probably July evening and the camp was having a cookout by the duck ponds. Our main dish choices, as per usual, were hamburgers or hotdogs. As I […]


6 Christmas Youtubes: The Religious and The Ridiculous

As an early Christmas present to you all, here are my top six must-watch Youtube clips for the Christmas season, placed in order from most religious to most ridiculous. 1. The first selection is an adorable video by St. Paul Arts and Media of the cutest Kiwi kiddos ever (Kiwi = New Zealander) narrating and […]


Let’s be real, Wishbone taught me everything I know about Our Lady of Guadalupe.

I, like many others of my generation, grew up on PBS. We didn’t have cable, but I loved shows like ZOOM and Arthur and Reading Rainbow so I didn’t much care. The first time I ever heard the full story of Our Lady of Guadalupe was actually on PBS’ Wishbone, a show about a dog […]

The cast of The Sisterhood, courtesy of A&E Networks.

The Sisterhood #Truthbombs

Sisterhood #Truthbombs (and a scheduling change!) By now you’ve probably heard about The Sisterhood, a new reality show on Lifetime that follows five women as they discern a potential vocation to the religious life. Although I was at first skeptical about a secular network doing a show on sisters, I changed my mind after I […]


Saint Squanto? A Catholic Thanksgiving hero

Did you know that Squanto, the Native American hero who saved the pilgrims from starvation on their first Thanksgiving, was a Catholic? Neither did I, until I watched Dr. Taylor Marshall lay out the facts in his latest Youtube video. Squanto was enslaved by the English – by John Smith, so be exact. You remember John […]

The cast of The Sisterhood, courtesy of A&E Networks.

I take it back: I’m excited about The Sisterhood reality show

As all of my followers will remember (and by followers, I mean my mom and like, two other people in Nebraska), I wrote a skeptical blog post about a new reality show coming to Lifetime T.V. When I first heard about The Sisterhood, a reality show about five 20-somethings considering the convent, I had my […]

St Nicholas letter

What Advent traditions do you have with your kids?

Advent is nearly upon us! Sometimes it’s easy to allow Christmas to eclipse the season of Advent entirely. Often times, rather than using it as a time of preparation for Christmas, it gets relegated to the waiting period before the Christmas season. The Church established this liturgical season of waiting and preparation to allow us […]

From left to right: Sr. Lucia, Mother Mary Catherine, Sr. Bernadette.

Crafting Your Vocation

The Church just finished celebrating Vocation’s Awareness week, and the Year of Consecrated Life is about to begin. We know that discernment can be difficult. Sometimes friends or family don’t understand the process. We live in a culture increasingly hostile to religion.  Sometimes, all you can do is shake it off. And just think, while you […]

Dome of St. Peter's Basilica_Credit Alan Holdren-CNA_CNA500x320_Vatican_Catholic_News_10-17-12

Rome from Above: Breathtaking footage from The Eternal City

I’ve never been to Rome. But I almost feel like I have after watching this video with beautiful shots from all over the city. Whether you want to reminisce about a past pilgrimage or see the city for the first time, check out this video. The producers, Spirit Juice Studios, helped with filming for The […]

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