The Atlantic admits a 6-week-old unborn baby has a heart

Earlier this week, The Atlantic ran a particularly bad story. Normally known for its high-quality commentary on everything from literature to politics to culture, the magazine’s lapse is both unusual and disappointing. The article argues that heartbeats detectable in early pregnancy are not really heartbeats – they’re just contracting cells that can be seen via […]

Poll: If you could join any religious order which one would you join?

The Catholic Church has many religious orders which include both consecrated and lay people. The orders may make a vow to the Church for chasity, poverty, and obedience, or make a promise for similar virtues. If you could join any religious order which one would you join? The Catholic Church has many religious orders which […]

Pro-lifers take the limelight on Saturday Night Live

Despite the tensions surrounding pro-lifers’ presence at the Women’s March on Washington this weekend, at the very least the controversy led to one bright spot: somewhat sympathetic treatment by mainstream comedy show Saturday Night Live. (Warning: the video below contains some graphic language)   In the January 21 “Weekend Update” segment, SNL cast member and […]

Debunking Planned Parenthood facts with Planned Parenthood facts

Is anyone else exhausted after defending their position as a pro-life feminist? I’m pretty sure my brain and my wrists have both developed some form of carpal tunnel in the past 36-48 hours. It all started when the Women’s March booted the group “New Wave Feminists” from their list of sponsors for being pro-life. The organizers of […]

Poll: How do you feel about the upcoming inauguration?

This year’s election has been one of the most controversial in U.S. history. While plenty of people have hope in the promises of the president-elect, others remain skeptical. Already a few companies have instigated moving more factories back to America, sparking hope within the working class. Other people are worried about Russia’s potential interference within […]

Did You Know: The woman who hid Anne Frank was Catholic?

The story of Anne Frank is well-known, thanks to the diary left behind by the 15-year-old Jewish girl recounting her two years in hiding during World War II. Less well-known is the story of Miep Gies, the Dutch Catholic woman responsible for helping to hide Anne’s family, and for later preserving her diary. As a […]

Poll: Do you think the Vatican should have allowed the new McDonald’s to be near St. Peter’s square?

McDonald’s has recently opened a new restaurant near St. Peter’s Square. Tourists and Vatican officials have welcomed the chain with mixed reviews. Some people have accepted the fast food joint as a cheaper solution to an area of overly priced restaurants. Other people find it to be an inappropriate addition to the cultural identity of […]

Poll: Do you think sacraments should be held off until the age of reason?

Underneath the Pope are a few rites which practice the distribution of the holy Eucharist and confirmation at a much earlier age than the Roman Rite. Rites such as the Byzantine and Alexandrian are liturgies stemming from eastern cultures who believe sacramental grace should be received longer. In comparison, the Roman Rite emphasizes holding off […]

The Lord of the Rings may be more Catholic than you realized

Today is the 175th birthday of author and professor J.R.R. Tolkien – best-known for his Lord of the Rings books as well as other stories set in the land of Middle Earth. An ardent Catholic all his life, Tolkien’s books echo religious – and Catholic – themes. Though he disliked allegory- and indeed, sought to […]

Advent in Aleppo

By now you’ve likely heard of the devastating events in the wake of the final battle for Aleppo in the past few days. The Syrian government has taken control of much of the city, but people still trapped in a small area of east Aleppo held by the remaining rebels have been sending harrowing goodbyes and […]

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