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Baltimore has spent the last year trying to heal from the wounds of division. But now a divisive proposal threatens to create more disunity.... (Read more)
The month between Thanksgiving and Christmas marks the busiest time of the year for moviegoers, as every studio in town tries to make amends for... (Read more)


Recovering the notion of original sin

By Msgr. M. Francis Mannion

One of the topics that catechists preparing parents for the baptism of their child must explain is the notion of Original Sin, a topic that has,... (Read more)
Many social conservatives, though by no means all, were ecstatic at the election of Donald Trump. Whether they’ll still be ecstatic a few months... (Read more)
Some psychologists today have begun speaking about “a culture of anxiety.”  The fast pace of modern living, the constant exposure to media hype,... (Read more)
For those of us using the Gospel and Catholic social teaching as our voting guide, choosing between the Democratic and Republican presidential... (Read more)
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them What’s a movie studio to do when it runs out of ideas in a film series that made $7.7 billion... (Read more)
Next to the primal needs of eating and sleeping, there is perhaps no more universal need among humans than to feel loved. Two relatively new... (Read more)
The confrontational, contentious, name-calling and combative tone of the 2016 presidential campaign has left its mark on the American psyche.... (Read more)
I am not alone in observing that this long campaign season exposed deep divisions in our society and real anxiety about our country’s future... (Read more)

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