Bishops' Corner

When the city officials of Charlottesville, Virginia, the hometown of Thomas Jefferson, decided to remove a statue of Confederate General Robert... (Read more)

No God, no truth, no civil discourse

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

In 1835, French sociologist and political theorist Alexis de Tocqueville published Democracy in America, one of the most influential books of the... (Read more)

The epidemic and its cure

By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

I’ve always loved the movies, and one of the scariest films in recent memory is 28 Days Later, released in 2002. The plot is simple. Animal-rights... (Read more)

Our response to Charlottesville

By Bishop James D. Conley

In the late 1940s, Archbishop Joseph Rummel began the process of ending segregation in the parishes, seminary, and schools of the Archdiocese of... (Read more)

A word about useful tools

By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

History is full of great quotations that people never said. One of the best lines comes from Vladimir Lenin. He described Russian progressives,... (Read more)

A Letter to the Romans

By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Christians are always, in a sense, outsiders. We have the joy and privilege to be a leaven for good in society. That’s an exhilarating vocation.... (Read more)

A cathedral: more than a beautiful building

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

 When Constantine legalized the Christian faith with the Edict of Milan in 313 A.D., the Church emerged from Rome’s subterranean cemeteries and... (Read more)

The Importance of Humanae Vitae

By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

A bishop attends a lot of worthy public events and fundraisers. It’s part of the job. And supporting good people doing good things is always a... (Read more)
In the early 1890s, patriotism in America was very low. The fires of the Civil War had been extinguished and there was a general cooling of any... (Read more)
According to a report issued by the Center for Studies on New Religions, there were 90,000 Christians killed for their faith in 2016. As Robert... (Read more)

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