Bishops' Corner

Let’s Be Honest: It’s a Lack of Faith

By Bishop Thomas J. Tobin

A “Shoe” cartoon I saw the other day said this: “A recent study has shown that six of the seven dwarfs . . . aren’t happy.” The reference to... (Read more)

Praying Ad Orientem

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

The Kabba of Mecca is Islam’s most holy shrine. It is said to have been built by Abraham and his son Ishmael. It is considered “the House of... (Read more)

The Age of Noise

By Bishop James D. Conley

More than 70 years ago, the English satirist Aldous Huxley wrote that modernity is the “age of noise.” He was writing about the radio, whose... (Read more)
At the heart of Catholic social teaching lie two principles: concern for the common good and respect for the individual human being. An example:... (Read more)

On the Executive Orders 

By Archbishop José H. Gomez

Last week was hard. It is sad to see it come to this — that the president of the United States must define, by an executive order, the precise... (Read more)
Pomp, pageantry and politics go into the mix of the inauguration of any new president of the United States. When Thomas Jefferson was sworn in as... (Read more)

Women's rights are human rights

By Bishop James D. Conley

Last weekend, hundreds of thousands of women gathered for marches and demonstrations across the country, organized to proclaim that “women’s... (Read more)

Faith and Family: An Irreplaceable Bond

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Although there are differences that divide one church from another in the United States, every church is facing the same diminishing number of... (Read more)
Within the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem stands a small shrine called the Aedicule. In its present form, it dates from 1810. It marks... (Read more)

Remembering a Man of Peace and Conscience

By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

Catholics can take a lesson in the courage to follow a well-formed Christian conscience from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  King was first and above... (Read more)

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