Bishops' Corner

Truth, Compassion, and Mercy

By Bishop James D. Conley

This week, representatives from high schools across Nebraska will vote on policies to define the scope of participation in high school athletics... (Read more)

Bethlehem: The School of Divine Mercy

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

During the height of her political prowess, ancient Rome boasted of her influence throughout the world. Romans had planted their culture in... (Read more)

What good does it do to pray?

By Archbishop José H. Gomez

The terror shootings in San Bernardino continues to trouble me and make me sad. I am praying for the families and loved ones of those who... (Read more)

Consumerism vs. Christmas

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

In a rather clever social experiment, Coby Persin turned the spotlight on human behavior and motivation. He taped 50 $1 bills to his suit; and,... (Read more)
(Today), most of us will celebrate Thanksgiving around family tables, gathered with those we love, to give thanks to God for the blessings of... (Read more)

Secular slums and the Francis option

By Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

In a few short weeks, we will celebrate the beginning of the Jubilee Year of Mercy, which has great potential to bring many people back to the... (Read more)
As synod 2015 began its final week of work, Pope Francis canonized a married couple, Louis and Zélie Martin, whose nine children included the... (Read more)

Did Thomas More and John Fisher die for nothing?

By Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

The idea that Catholics should be allowed to remarry and receive communion did not begin with the letter signed by Cardinal Kasper and other... (Read more)

The 2015 Synod: From Confusion to Clarity

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

Last year, the Extraordinary Synod on the Family took place in Rome from Oct. 5 to19. The participants boldly examined family life in the light... (Read more)
Sweeping Reform! Dramatic change! Cumbersome, complicated procedure gone! Clearing away rules dating from 1741! Fast-track annulments in... (Read more)

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