Bishops' Corner

Voting as a Catholic in 2016

By Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila

I have voted in every presidential election since 1972 and I have never experienced an election like this year’s. Both candidates are disliked,... (Read more)

Voting and living as good citizens

By Bishop James D. Conley

This November, American Catholics have the opportunity to shape the direction of our nation, our states, and our local communities in the voting... (Read more)

The necessity of music

By Bishop James D. Conley

It was an extraordinary experience to kneel before the Blessed Sacrament at Copacabana Beach in Brazil, at World Youth Day in 2013.  Catholic... (Read more)

The Vocation to Work: The Dignity of Labor

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

In 1904, St. Louis, Missouri hosted the 21st World’s Fair. The fair was so big that a visitor would need more than a week to give even a casual... (Read more)

Some personal thoughts on the months ahead

By Archbishop Charles J. Chaput

My column this week is a collection of personal comments.  Read it as thoughts from a brother in the faith, not as teachings from an... (Read more)
As a citizen of this country, as a Catholic Priest and Bishop, and as an African-American, I am deeply distressed by the recent violent eruptions... (Read more)

After the latest mass shooting

By Archbishop José H. Gomez

In the face of the mass murders in Orlando, Florida, this weekend, it is difficult to write. It is complicated and frustrating and it feels... (Read more)

Going Dutch with Death: The Question

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

When the early Dutch settlers arrived in the American colonies, they brought with them a unique piece of architecture that immediately became... (Read more)

Gender Identity: The New Frontier

By Bishop Arthur Serratelli

On April 19, 2016 the retail store Target announced that it would provide gender neutral bathrooms and also allow men and women to use the same... (Read more)

Time for healing, not lamenting

By Bishop James D. Conley

On Friday, May 13, the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice issued a joint instruction, which they called “significant... (Read more)

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