Both Oars In

Family vacation

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

I did a lot more thinking on our recent family vacation than I had expected to do. I realize that vacations by their very nature often lend... (Read more)

Role reversal

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

Serendipitously, my brother’s responsibilities as CEO of Bank of America recently required him to go to Haiti. This provided him with an... (Read more)

Is all that Twitters gold?

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

I recently learned that some celebrities are making thousands by tweeting. I know – where have I been for the past six years, under a rock? Not... (Read more)

Walking in the shoes of others

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

A couple months after we graduated from college, a friend and I crisscrossed the US in search of everything US. We chose our destinations daily... (Read more)

Marriage is beyond the law

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

Since we are not a theocracy, religion is limited to informing and guiding the government and its leaders on certain matters. It cannot dictate.... (Read more)

T-shirt Mistakes

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

A colleague who has heard me tell stories about the odd t-shirts that end up in Haiti sent me a link to an article on mental_floss titled "What... (Read more)

An underappreciated idea

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

Amazingly, a quick Google search of “One America” only produces hits for an insurance company, a large office building in Indianapolis and a civic... (Read more)

Might as well let the dog out, too

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

I really thought that I was done with writing about the disappointing performance of International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs) and... (Read more)

Real baggage

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

Thanks to a hotly contested Republican primary populated with colorful personalities and the seemingly endless supply of Hollywood rehab repeat... (Read more)

Time to let the cat out of the bag

By Deacon Patrick Moynihan

Over 2.5 billion U.S. dollars were collected by International Non-governmental Organizations (INGOs), large faith based non-profits, and smaller... (Read more)

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