Next to the primal needs of eating and sleeping, there is perhaps no more universal need among humans than to feel loved. Two relatively new... (Read more)
Not to get all trippy on everyone, but I love to find the connections between things, whether as a fan (if not necessarily a believer) of... (Read more)
There are few films in the past decade or two that stirred up as much controversy among Catholics as “The Da Vinci Code.” That 2006 film, based on... (Read more)
There have been countless movies about hit men, as well as umpteen versions of spy comedies throughout the history of Hollywood. In an era when... (Read more)
Sometimes it’s hard to find a great movie to pinpoint for families. Sure, there are  cartoons like “Finding Dory,” “The Secret Lives of Pets” or... (Read more)
There are two kinds of true-story disaster movies hitting theatres this weekend. “Deepwater Horizon” stars Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Rusell in the... (Read more)
As Hollywood seems to run out of its own original ideas, reboots and remakes are an increasingly big part of the release schedule – with... (Read more)
When Renee Zellweger burst into fame as Tom Cruise’s quirky, humble girlfriend in “Jerry McGuire” back in 1996, her impish look and shy girlish... (Read more)
There are few actors in Hollywood brave enough to wear their Catholic faith on their sleeve and base their career decisions about the films and TV... (Read more)
We’re reaching the tail-end of summer, when studios tend to dump out movies that have no-name casts or have turned out poorly in the hopes that no... (Read more)

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