Sooner or later, it seems that nearly every major comedic talent wants to show at least one opportunity to show their serious side. Sometimes it’s... (Read more)
Numerous movies have portrayed the story of Jesus over the decades, ranging from the family-friendly “The Greatest Story Ever Told” on through the... (Read more)

My Oscars predictions

By Carl Kozlowski

There is perhaps no other awards show on earth that captures people’s interest like the Oscars. For the past 88 years, the ceremony has built a... (Read more)
Some movies come along at just the right time. Others run into bad luck because of when they’re released. “Zoolander” was one of the rare movies... (Read more)
Over the course of nearly 20 films, Joel and Ethan Coen have veered between low-key movies like “Blood Simple” and “Fargo,” and wildly inventive... (Read more)
There are many ways to make a bad movie. This week, I’ve decided to give a spanking to two movies that are vastly different yet are equally... (Read more)
Ever since “The Hunger Games” exploded at the box office in 2012, teen movies set in dystopias – the fancy word for messed-up future societies –... (Read more)
“RIDE ALONG 2” January usually is the deadliest month of the year for new movies, as studios focus on raking in extra cash and awards for their... (Read more)

My Favorite Films of 2015

By Carl Kozlowski

With 2015 finally past us, it’s time to present my Top 10. Rather than picking the most pretentious movies possible like most critics, I try to... (Read more)
At some point, everyone dreams of getting rich. For most of us, it remains a dream throughout our lives, a desire that seems too intangible and... (Read more)

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