We’re reaching the tail-end of summer, when studios tend to dump out movies that have no-name casts or have turned out poorly in the hopes that no... (Read more)
In 1960, the biblical epic “Ben-Hur” became the all-time Oscar-winning film, with 11 of the gold statuettes going to the tale of a Jewish prince... (Read more)
There’s a moment of truth that every struggling entertainer has to face. That’s the moment when they have to question themselves about whether... (Read more)
There are few films that tell tales of Christian faith truly tested and used to win over incredibly troubling situations, but the current movie... (Read more)
Matt Damon has long been an interesting choice for the character of Jason Bourne, a man assigned that name as a false cover identity after he was... (Read more)
Science-fiction can be a difficult genre of film for non-geeky, Average Joes and Janes to get their heads around. Often, the creation of new... (Read more)
In a summer ranging from uninspired retreads  (“Now You See Me 2,” “Independence Day: Resurgence”) to big-budget original busts (“The BFG”) to at... (Read more)
The 4th of July is of course a great time for fireworks, but it’s also a great time to go and see movies. This summer hasn’t been as good as... (Read more)
Greta Gerwig is perhaps the most underrated actress working in Hollywood today.  A blond beauty with a grace and sweetness that makes her feel... (Read more)
Everyone can remember a mortifying moment from their high school days, or can relate to the feeling of having fallen from the heights of... (Read more)

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