There are many ways to make a bad movie. This week, I’ve decided to give a spanking to two movies that are vastly different yet are equally... (Read more)
Ever since “The Hunger Games” exploded at the box office in 2012, teen movies set in dystopias – the fancy word for messed-up future societies –... (Read more)
“RIDE ALONG 2” January usually is the deadliest month of the year for new movies, as studios focus on raking in extra cash and awards for their... (Read more)

My Favorite Films of 2015

By Carl Kozlowski

With 2015 finally past us, it’s time to present my Top 10. Rather than picking the most pretentious movies possible like most critics, I try to... (Read more)
At some point, everyone dreams of getting rich. For most of us, it remains a dream throughout our lives, a desire that seems too intangible and... (Read more)
Christmas movies are like a pile of presents under the tree: there’s hopefully something for everyone. This season is no exception, with an... (Read more)
In a world where 500 TV channels and thousands of websites offer seemingly countless choices for entertainment, it’s becoming ever rarer that one... (Read more)
Despite being an English major with a degree from a decent school, I've never read “Moby Dick.” I just knew the bare bones about its story... (Read more)
In a year in which the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide, and a TV landscape in which countless shows like “Modern Family”... (Read more)
There’s something about Thanksgiving dinner’s familiarity that adds to the magic of its enjoyment. You know exactly what you’re getting –... (Read more)

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