Faith on the Quad

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the birth control pill in America. To celebrate this occasion, Planned Parenthood has launched a website... (Read more)
I would be remiss to talk about the topic of sainthood without recalling a conversation I recently had with one of my best friends, Brianna.... (Read more)
After 40 days of Lent and 50 days of Easter, we have plunged back into Ordinary Time.  But before doing so, we were given the great Feast of... (Read more)

But I’m too busy to pray!

By Michelle Bauman

As the weather grows warmer and the school year draws to a close, college students start scrambling to finish semester projects, study for exams,... (Read more)

The Mystery of the Incarnation

By Michelle Bauman

We’re almost there.  On Palm Sunday, we entered into Holy Week. This, the most holy week of the liturgical year will culminate in the Triduum,... (Read more)


By Sean McPherson

“It is better to limp along the right path than to walk strongly in the wrong direction.” ~ St. Thomas Aquinas I recently read this quote from... (Read more)

Like a Child

By Michelle Bauman

Have you ever had one of those days where nothing goes right? Where your words come out all wrong, you mess up everything you try to accomplish,... (Read more)

Faith's Super Bowl

By Jon Leonetti

Super Bowl Sunday.  Food.  Family. Friends.  Two teams looking to win sport’s most coveted trophy.  Does it get any bigger in the sports world... (Read more)

New Year’s Resolutions

By Michelle Bauman

Happy New Year!  As January comes to a close, it’s hard to believe that we’ve already completed almost a month of 2010.  With the changing of... (Read more)

Proactive Virtue

By Sean McPherson

At some point, every student has been a victim of his or her own procrastination. Many see academic procrastination as something inevitable in... (Read more)

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