Bishop Robert Barron

Preaching the Strange Word

By Bishop Robert Barron

About fifteen years ago, I prepared an elective class at Mundelein Seminary which I entitled “The Christology of the Poets and Preachers.” In... (Read more)

'The Martian' and why each life matters

By Bishop Robert Barron

Editor's note: This article contains plot spoilers! Ridley Scott’s The Martian is a splendidly told tale of survival and pluck, reminiscent... (Read more)

Pope Francis and true mercy

By Bishop Robert Barron

Having just returned from a week covering Pope Francis’s triumphant journey to the United States, I can confidently tell you that the news... (Read more)
During the Pope's visit to America, I had the privilege of commenting for NBC News and for MSNBC. Twice I was on for extended periods with... (Read more)

Your life does not belong to you

By Bishop Robert Barron

It was revealed this week that, for the first time in its history, Harvard University, which had been founded for religious purposes and named... (Read more)

Why St. Junipero Serra matters today

By Bishop Robert Barron

The upcoming canonization of Blessed Junípero Serra in Washington, D.C.—the first ever to take place on American soil—has generated, as I’m... (Read more)
Just last week, Stephen Colbert gave an interview in which the depth of his Catholic faith was on pretty clear display. Discussing the trauma... (Read more)

Mother Nature is one unreliable lady

By Bishop Robert Barron

Conservation International has sponsored a series of videos that have become YouTube sensations, garnering millions of views. They feature... (Read more)

Why you need spiritual food

By Bishop Robert Barron

Every third summer, the Catholic lectionary provides a series of readings for Sunday Mass from the sixth chapter of the Gospel of John. This is... (Read more)
I am sure by now that many of you have seen the appalling hidden-camera videos of two Planned Parenthood physicians bantering cheerfully with... (Read more)

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