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July 17, 2015
Francis in South America...or the Pope that wasn't
By Alejandro Bermúdez

The coverage that most media outlets gave to the recent trip of Pope Francis to South America seems to beg the question: Can the real Francis please stand up?

Let me explain: the Pope delivered a total of 24 speeches and homilies during his eight day trip to Ecuador, Bolivia and Paraguay. Six of them – three addressed to political authorities and another three to representatives of civil society – dealt with political or economic issues. One in particular, the one delivered to the...

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If you are a Catholic, chances are you may be bombarded with questions at your local cookout this weekend, thanks to the Supreme Court decision on same-sex marriage today.  In case you are a little rusty, here are a few talking points on what the Catholic Church does and does not teach regarding same-sex marriage. I base much of this on the amicus brief submitted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for Obergefell vs. Hodges. If you find yourself at all struggling to...

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Transforming words into action to end hunger and malnutrition and to promote sustainable development was the central message of the traditional address by His Holiness Pope Francis to the nearly 200 delegations that attended the FAO Conference last week. This includes actions by all of us: citizens, governments and international organizations.

This call comes at an important moment.

2015 is the year in which we conclude our Millennium Development Goal (MDG) commitments and embark...

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June 10, 2015
The Marriage Crisis and the Eucharist
By Cardinal Ennio Antonelli

The theme “The Vocation and Mission of the Family in the Church and Contemporary World,” suggests that the next General Assembly of the Synod (4 to 25 October 2015) intends above all to propose positively the beauty and effectiveness of the Christian family as evangelizers. For my part, I firmly believe that the main pastoral urgency today is the formation of exemplary Christian families, which are able to give concrete witness to the fact that Christian marriage is beautiful and...

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The earthquake that devastated the city of Managua in 1972 changed the capital of Nicaragua forever. Many areas were so utterly destroyed, that they were abandoned for good. Even today, more than 40 years later, it still looks like a post-apocalyptic city, with the old colonial cathedral and entire neighborhoods abandoned and overgrown.
Managua was therefore a surprisingly small city when the Sandinistas took control in 1979 to start their liberation theology utopia in Latin America.

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April 16, 2015
It's what you value
By Scott Dunn

About ten years ago my wife purchased for me a box set of some of former Beatle George Harrison’s more obscure albums.   Having listened to them countless times since, one line from a lesser known song stays in my mind as a good description of the world we live in.  The lyric “It’s all up to what you value” often rings in my head, as neighbors, work colleagues, even family members see the world so very different from those who have faith in Christ and his Church.   What a devoted...

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A new gravestone in front of St. Mary’s Church in New Haven, Connecticut now reminds passersby that the pastor who completed the monumental building in 1874, Rev. Patrick A. Murphy, has for more than 130 years been buried there all along. Murphy came from the early generations of urban Irish Catholics in Connecticut whose hard work built the faith in a sometimes hostile environment and was himself an important formative influence on Venerable Servant of God Michael J. McGivney, who...

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February 14, 2015
What is truth?
By Scott Dunn

Quid Est Veritas?  What is truth? The words of Pontius Pilate could serve as the defining phrase of our time. It often seems like we live in the age of lies and truth has been lost.

Perhaps the most admired athlete of the last twenty years, Lance Armstrong, with millions of almost worshipful fans, finally admits that he was cheating by using banned substances when he won all of his Tour De France victories.  The top rated network news anchor reveals that his often told story of being in a...

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February 13, 2015
One shade of gray
By Stephanie Gray

“Why?”  It’s a question toddlers teach us to ask over and over again.  I found myself asking that question as movie theatres prepare to roll out 50 Shades of Grey: Why have more than 100 million copies been sold?  Why have presumably 100 million women read this particular story?  Why is it so magnetic?  So I messaged a friend of mine, whose Facebook wall has been filled with a countdown for the film—was she willing to share her perspective? She said she’d call in 15 minutes.


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January 26, 2015
The light that the recent Extraordinary Synod offers us
By Fr. José Noriega, DCJM

What  light can we gather from the recent Synod? Never before has a synod received so much attention. It has aroused many hopes and it has revealed real problems.

1. The hopes that the Synod aroused

a. The recent synod is not a rare bird. It is within the interest of the Vatican Council II to approach modern man: Gaudium et spes spoke of the family as the first point of dialogue between the Church and the world. St. John Paul II’s first synod was about the family and he accompanied it...

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