Guest Columnist

A New Year’s Revolution

By Tina McCormick, PhD

Resolutions: there are many this time of year, as in any year. Be it plans to exercise, to be healthy, or otherwise successful, our ambitions know... (Read more)
The latest meeting of Pope Francis' “Council of Cardinals” has just ended and, according to Vatican spokesperson Greg Burke, “missionary impulse”... (Read more)
Baltimore has spent the last year trying to heal from the wounds of division. But now a divisive proposal threatens to create more disunity.... (Read more)

On Voting

By Father Christopher J. Pollard

“Spit on it and use it”, once said a wise old priest in the seminary about money. The same can be said about your vote. In and of itself it is not... (Read more)

A Sacred Dream

By Paul Badde

It was a single word that brought about the decisive split between the Eastern and Western churches. It happened in May 581, at the Council of... (Read more)
Two young men were ordained Catholic priests last Friday in Ankawa, Erbil, the capital of Iraqi Kurdistan, for the Chaldean Catholic Church. Louis... (Read more)
Mother Teresa, the most recent Catholic saint, is, indeed, a saint for all. Catholic, or not, people around the world know Mother Teresa of... (Read more)
Sébastien Racle, Sebastian Rale in America, a Jesuit missionary priest from the French-Swiss border, brought into the field with him as... (Read more)
As it usually is in election years, abortion is now very much a political issue in 2016, and Catholics are playing a key role in how it is... (Read more)
Excitement is building in Poland as millions of young people from over 180 countries descend upon Krakow for the celebration of World Youth Day... (Read more)

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