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February 19, 2013
Always united in prayer
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

When the alarm radio broke the surprise news of the Pope’s abdication a week ago, my involuntary tears were as unexpected as the announcement. 

All I could think of was the physical and moral suffering that must have brought gentle Joseph Ratzinger to the decision, and my heart ached for him.
For myself too, if truth be told, because Benedict XVI’s intellectual fearlessness, absolutely lucid writing, and constant focus on the joy of relationship with Jesus has been an important...

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January 25, 2013
Marching for hearts
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

A young man smiles a salacious smile. Sniffing brandy in front of a fireplace, in sultry “let’s-get-it-on” tones, he makes love to the camera:  “Hey, Baby,” he purrs, “happy anniversary.” As the film rolls, we begin to understand that he is not addressing a woman, but the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, 40 years old this January 22.

The video (linked here) was produced by the Center for Reproductive Rights to celebrate Roe v. Wade.

My initial reaction was to wonder if...

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December 18, 2012
Have a B16 Christmas!
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

His first Advent as Pope, Benedict XVI delighted Vatican pilgrims by donning the papal camauro, a traditional fur-trimmed red hat that both keeps His Holiness warm and evokes the image of St. Nicholas.

I haven’t checked whether he’s wearing it again this season, but with or without the camauro, the Pope loves Christmas.

When Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger was appointed by Blessed Pope John Paul II to head the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in 1982, he turned out to be not only a...

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November 27, 2012
How to talk to an atheist
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Do you know what distinguishes the New Evangelization from evangelization simply? The audience.

Traditional missionary work brings the Good News to people who have never heard it. The New Evangelization aims closer to home: at re-awakening faith in people and cultures who have fallen away.

This past October in Rome, Pope Benedict XVI launched not only a Year of Faith – a concentrated effort from now until the Feast of Christ the King 2013 for Christians to rediscover their faith – but...

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November 13, 2012
How not to respond to a lost election
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Natural marriage, the defense of life and religious liberty took hits on election night 2012. It would be inhuman for those who love the Church and desire each soul to know its dignity not to feel the sting of those blows and to take some time to reflect and regroup.

At the spiritual level, temporal setbacks are good occasions for regaining perspective, recalling that Christians are pilgrims who are not meant to be completely at home in this world.

Practically, since elections have policy...

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October 30, 2012
5 ways to support marriage the next 5 days
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

With polls in the four states where it is on the ballot tightening, Catholics have the opportunity to make a decisive difference in defending man-woman marriage on Election Day.

We know why we should.

1. Marriage is the fundamental building block of any society. The union between a man and woman is the only source of our most important renewable resource: children.

2. Decades of social science affirm children do best when raised by both their mother and father. Just last week the ...

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October 16, 2012
Souls to the polls for marriage
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Thirty-two states have put same-sex marriage to the ballot since 1998, and thirty-two times voters have refused to redefine marriage. Same-sex marriage supporters hope that will change this November, when marriage is on the ballot in four states: Maine, Maryland, Washington and Minnesota.

An October 15 AP report shows same-sex marriage leading slightly at the polls in Maine, Maryland and Washington – but similar leads in other states have evaporated at the ballot box. It’s a matter, as...

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October 02, 2012
Getting real about the economy
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Music lessons, besides training the ear, cultivating good taste and creating a base for enjoyment and expression in later life, develop the brain’s capacity for language, math, spatial relations, discipline and creativity. I could not be more sold on the value of musical training in a good education.

Yet when my husband lost his job for a time a few years back, piano lessons were one of the first budget items slashed.

It broke my heart, but there is such a thing as reality, and sometimes...

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September 18, 2012
What Catholic women think about contraception
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

It’s a fact. Many Catholic women use contraceptives in spite of the Church’s moral prohibition.

Some of us lament that and others celebrate it, but we all tend to talk about Catholics who contracept as if they weren’t right in the room while we’re discussing them.

No one ever asks them what they think and why.

Until Mary Rice Hasson, that is. Forty-four years after the promulgation of Humanae Vitae, she seems to be the first person to think of asking women directly what they...

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September 05, 2012
Why we need the major political parties
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

With the Republican convention just over and the Democratic underway, now seems the moment for at least a mild defense of our party system, which I often hear Catholics and other Christians denounce.

The reason for the denunciation is simple and I sympathize with it: we get exasperated when party leaders don’t champion the issues of particular importance to us, and we hate feeling taken for granted. I can’t remember the last time a political conversation in Catholic circles didn’t...

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