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July 24, 2012
NFP – we're all in this together
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Imagine most of the world laboring under a set of presuppositions that have absolutely awful social and economic consequences.

Scholars from multiple disciplines have amassed vast evidence over a length of decades demonstrating how bad these ideas are for human beings.

What would you make of the people who not only ignore these facts but go out of their way to discredit the evidence, or claim the bad consequences are actually good? And how would you go about correcting the record?

Those are...

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July 10, 2012
Born American, but in the wrong place
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Hungarian-born politics professor Peter W. Schramm gives a heart-warming account of his family’s flight from Communist oppression in 1956.

Having endured a litany of hardships any one of which might break a man, the senior Mr. Schramm finally had enough the day a hand grenade (a dud, fortunately) landed right next to him while he was out scrounging for bread.

“But where are we going?” young Peter asked.

His dad didn’t have to think about it. “America” was the obvious answer....

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June 12, 2012
Lay Catholics and social justice
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

“Self-Delusion & True Contrition.” That title caught my eye in our parish used book rack, so I invested fifty cents towards the enlightenment of my conscience.

The booklet is an excerpt from Fr. Alfred Wilson’s Pardon & Peace, written in the 1940s. 

A line of scrutiny related to the lay vocation impressed me. 

Under “Justice,” for example, came questions you’d expect about not pinching the boss’s paper clips and not looking down your nose at workmen, but I read also:...

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May 29, 2012
18 ways to defend religious liberty
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Last May 21, 43 Catholic institutions including the Archdioceses of New York and Washington and the University of Notre Dame filed suit in federal courts in defense of their right to both profess and exercise their religious faith.

The HHS contraceptive mandate is the cause of the suit, but contraception is not the question. At issue is the Administration’s attempted redefinition of religious ministry to include only what takes place within the walls of a house of worship. As Cardinal...

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May 15, 2012
Is same-sex marriage the future?
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Is legal recognition of same-sex marriage inevitable?

Last week’s presidential endorsement has some folks speaking as if it were.

The success of a marriage referendum in North Carolina the previous day –the 31st consecutive win for one-man, one-woman marriage when put to a referendum of the people—suggests otherwise.  As I’ve argued before in this space, there is no reason for the effort to redefine marriage to succeed unless Catholics and other Christians give in to what...

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Everyone loves a good lawyer joke, even lawyers.

If you were a lawyer, however, and had a friend who never missed an opportunity to run your profession down, tarring all its members as greedy ambulance-chasers, at a certain point you’d start to take it hard.

A few years back my husband happened to go in for his annual check-up shortly after the President gave a speech about health care reform which left the impression that doctors routinely jack up prices to enrich themselves unjustly...

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April 17, 2012
The economy of women’s work
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

A left-wing political operative stepped in it last week when she accused the wife of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney of “never working a day in her life.”
In justice, I think political strategist Hilary Rosen was not aiming at Ann Romney’s status as an at-home mom. She intended only to suggest the Romneys were too rich to be in touch with the needs of middle America.

But talk about out of touch! Who doesn’t know that moms of all stripes are hair-trigger sensitive to...

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April 03, 2012
On the relevance of Holy Week
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

I can’t help but notice the grim mysteries of Holy Week are upon us this year in the middle of a national debate in which one side sees religious believers and institutions as a thorn in the side of progress and wishes to marginalize their ability to influence society.  For Christians, the week we enter into the mysteries of sin, suffering, death and judgment are our holiest (and strangely, happiest) days of the year. But what has Good Friday to say to the world? Is it one more proof of...

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March 20, 2012
Why you may soon be paying directly for abortion
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

Do you want to pay for someone’s abortion? Take money out of your wallet and directly fund the taking of a human life?

The thought may horrify you, but that’s exactly what you may be compelled to do under a little-scrutinized provision of our new health care law.

While the political debate over the Affordable Health Care Act (“Obamacare” for short) has thus far centered on the injustice of compelling even religious insurers to cover abortion-inducing drugs and sterilization, most...

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March 06, 2012
This land was made for you and me
By Rebecca Ryskind Teti

During the dusty, hot June of 1858, Abraham Lincoln addressed the Illinois Republican convention as their candidate for the U.S. Senate.

In a speech widely viewed by his colleagues as true but so politically incorrect as to be embarrassing, Lincoln observed that America could not remain forever half slave and half free.

Lincoln feared that the newly adopted Kansas-Nebraska act permitting slavery in the territories meant Americans were abandoning the proposition that all men and women...

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