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Gridiron virtue

By Fr. Joshua Allen

A few weeks ago, I attended a high school football game—something I haven’t done since I was in high school, so I was excited to have the... (Read more)

Spiritual Reading, Part II

By Fr. Joshua Allen

In my last column, I began a "Top-10" list of spiritual books. This column is a continuation and a conclusion of that list. You might be... (Read more)

Spiritual Reading, Part I

By Fr. Joshua Allen

It’s the doldrums of August.  The kids are already running around the parking lot for the parish school, both excited and horrified that school... (Read more)

An Extraordinary Witness

By Fr. Joshua Allen

This summer, one of my regular duties is to visit the hospital down the street from the Cathedral. I have had the singular experience of doing so... (Read more)

Last Man Standing

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Dressed in cassock and surplice, I stood in the work sacristy of Christ the King Cathedral in Atlanta, Georgia on June 26. The air conditioning... (Read more)

The Light of the World

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Light and darkness are major themes in the Scriptures.  This semester, I have been taking a course on the Johannine Literature at my University.... (Read more)

The Unity of Sports

By Fr. Joshua Allen

I admit that I have always had an affinity for Clint Eastwood.  My Dad was a huge fan of his movies, so I grew up with Dirty Harry making my day,... (Read more)

To See the Face of God and Live

By Fr. Joshua Allen

About two weeks ago, I had the extraordinary opportunity of seeing the Shroud of Turin.  During the summer I spent in Jerusalem, I learned a great... (Read more)

Odysseus Defeated?

By Fr. Joshua Allen

About a year ago, I was in the Amalfi region with some friends.  The Amalfi Coast is famous all over the world for the fantastic views from its... (Read more)

Sicut dixit: Just As He Said

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Passion of St. Matthew is truly a masterpiece of the oratorio repertoire.  I listened to pieces of it all through Holy... (Read more)

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