Led Into the Truth

In Praise of Pollution

By Fr. Joshua Allen

I was recently driving back from the U.S. Naval Base in Naples, and dusk was quickly approaching.  As the wide blacktop wove gently through the... (Read more)

Changing Apostolates

By Fr. Joshua Allen

I recently found out that after almost two years, I am changing apostolates at the North American College.  Our apostolic work in Rome is carried... (Read more)

Forty Days of Pilgrimage

By Fr. Joshua Allen

On Ash Wednesday, earlier than usual, more solemn than usual, with anticipation, excitement, and perhaps some dread, the seminarians of the... (Read more)

Literary Formation

By Fr. Joshua Allen

It is not often that I read a book and find myself engrossed in a process that I suspect will alter my world view. I enjoy reading, but most books... (Read more)

The Feast of Reality

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Last Christmas, I woke up early in the morning and drove with a small group from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.  We made our way into the Basilica of the... (Read more)

An Accidental Devotion

By Fr. Joshua Allen

Once a year, the Atlanta men take a fraternity weekend away from Rome.  This year we traveled to Padua in the northern part of the country. Padua... (Read more)

Respect and Obedience

By Fr. Joshua Allen

With less than a year (God-willing!!) until my ordination to the Diaconate, I have been reflecting on the promises that I will make during the... (Read more)

A Revelation of Desire

By Fr. Joshua Allen

The North American College is back in session, classes have resumed, and the long transition period when the seminarians are in Rome but without a... (Read more)

Impossible Possibilities

By Fr. Joshua Allen

A few weeks ago, the Atlanta seminarians gathered for a retreat.  My favorite activity was sitting with friends on the porch engrossed in deep... (Read more)

Mystagogical Visitations

By Fr. Joshua Allen

One year ago this week, I was deep into my summer pastoral assignment at the Pontifical Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem, Israel.  That summer was... (Read more)

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