Live Greater

Blessed Be God Forever

By Rusty Montgomery

"We are the gifts! This is so critically important because it fundamentally changes our understanding of what happens at the moment of Communion …... (Read more)

Deep Down

By Rusty Montgomery

The martyrs know that they have found the truth about life in the encounter with Jesus Christ, and nothing and no one could ever take this... (Read more)

Summer Time

By Rusty Montgomery

May the Lord give you His peace! For most of us, summer time is rapidly approaching. What a time to rejoice in rest, relaxation, friendship, and... (Read more)

My Friend Grace

By Rusty Montgomery

  “My grace is sufficient for you…” 2 Corinthians 12: 9 May the Lord give you His peace! Check it out. My brother took religious vows a few... (Read more)


By Rusty Montgomery

May the Lord give you His peace! Anyone have the flu? I pray that you don’t. This outbreak of the flu virus has our nation and world on edge. I... (Read more)

The Way Things Are Meant to Be…

By Rusty Montgomery

"I am the way the truth and the life" – John 14:6 Have you ever experienced something and thought to yourself: "This is the way things were meant... (Read more)

We Win

By Rusty Montgomery

May the Lord give you His peace!  Let us rejoice this day because Alleluia is our song. Happy Easter! I pray that your Holy Week was fruitful and... (Read more)

Take Your Places

By Rusty Montgomery

"There is no way back; we are here in the city which he rules, the city in which he will suffer. To enter with him means to suffer with him, to... (Read more)

Something to be Thankful For

By Rusty Montgomery

"How wonderful that Jesus gives thanks, by offering himself and giving himself without end to God and to man. Who is He thanking? Certainly He is... (Read more)

"God Saves"

By Rusty Montgomery

"For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, that all who believe in Him might not perish but have eternal life" –John 3:16 May the... (Read more)

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