Russell Shaw

Just as people who like sausage shouldn’t visit a sausage factory, so people who stand in awe of the United States Senate shouldn’t get too close... (Read more)

Conservatives and Trump

By Russell Shaw

Many religious conservatives are looking to the Trump years with high expectations. R.R. Reno, editor of First Things, says Trump’s ascendancy... (Read more)

Child Poverty and Family

By Russell Shaw

In setting out to confront a problem, it’s necessary to understand its causes in order to apply realistic solutions. Child poverty in America... (Read more)
Dear President-elect Trump: Unsolicited advice is said to be the best kind because it is the most easily ignored. But even if this letter... (Read more)

Christmas Blues

By Russell Shaw

For many people, the season of good cheer is a deeply trying affair. I don’t mean unhappy souls who have good reason to be sad—the loss of loved... (Read more)
At the end of October Pope Francis will travel to Sweden to join a Lutheran World Federation observance opening the 500th anniversary year of... (Read more)
Although the wave of battles now underway in several parts of the country over religious freedom laws and LGBT rights may come as a surprise to... (Read more)
To no one’s particular surprise, the process of filling the Supreme Court vacancy created by Antonin Scalia’s death has morphed into a huge... (Read more)

The coming celibacy debate

By Russell Shaw

Speculation and trial balloons floating lately over the Vatican walls suggest that Pope Francis wants to open up a discussion of married priests... (Read more)

Lent and temptation

By Russell Shaw

It would be like telling the story of World War II and leaving out Hitler. That’s what telling the story told in the gospels would be like without... (Read more)

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