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US Supreme Court will hear challenge to Texas abortion law

Nov 13, 2015 - 03:30 pm .- The Supreme Court of the United States announced Friday that it will hear a challenge to Texas’ safety standards for abortion clinics, in what could be a significant abortion case.

For Pope Francis, the Eucharist satisfies our every hunger

Nov 13, 2015 - 02:17 pm .- For Pope Francis, the Eucharist is all that can satisfy humanity’s deepest hungers and longings, and is a source of hope, joy, and zeal in leading others to Christ.

Beware the 'idolatry of immanence,' Pope Francis says

Nov 13, 2015 - 01:28 pm .- Pope Francis cautioned against making idols out of earthly things, including our own habits, and stressed that while these will eventually fade away, their Creator is the only thing that will remain.

Canada can do better, bishops say in wake of refugee crisis

Nov 13, 2015 - 03:42 am .- Allow yourself to be troubled by the plight of migrants and refugees around the world – this was the message of the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops to the faithful of their country in a new pastoral letter last month.

Is this Rome event trying to revive a liberation theologian?

Nov 12, 2015 - 03:18 pm .- Spanish liberation theologian Fr. Jon Sobrino, whose works were censured by the Vatican nearly a decade ago, is slated to take part in an event this Saturday at Rome's Urbaniana University.

Pope Francis encourages Church in Slovakia to welcome migrants

Nov 12, 2015 - 03:12 pm .- Speaking to the Slovak bishops on Thursday, Pope Francis reminded them that the Church is called to welcome immigrants and to reach out to 'the other', including by ministering to the Romani people.

Was the rescue of 33 Chilean miners an act of God?

Nov 12, 2015 - 06:02 am .- Technically, Greg Hall and his team of drilling specialists had done their job when they located 33 miners believed to be trapped – and possibly dead – in a collapsed mine in Chile in 2010.

As Pope's visit nears, Ugandans fight external push for contraception

Nov 12, 2015 - 04:02 am .- One topic Ugandans expect Pope Francis to address in his upcoming visit to the country is the push by certain Western powers to enforce the use of contraception as a central means of fighting AIDS.

Vatican launches investigation of journalists who published leaked docs

Nov 12, 2015 - 03:31 am .- The two Italian journalists who made headlines last week for authoring books on confidential Vatican financial documents are under investigation, and could face criminal charges.

How one professor is inviting teachers to rethink Catholic education

Nov 12, 2015 - 12:23 am .- Realizing that many educators don't learn the history of teaching before they begin their career, a professor at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts has edited a compendium of selections from writings on education, from Plato to St. Thomas Aquinas, to St. John Paul II.

The potential irony of a new health care non-discrimination rule

Nov 11, 2015 - 04:00 pm .- Proposed federal anti-discrimination rules could threaten the religious liberty of health care providers and also infringe on the privacy of patients, lawyers for the U.S. Catholic Bishops have warned.

Eat with your family, not with your smartphone, Pope says

Nov 11, 2015 - 05:57 am .- For Pope Francis the dinner table is a key place to strengthen family bonds and foster a sense of “togetherness,” which he said can often be thwarted by an excess attachment to technology.

Pope Francis: Christian joy comes from going against the tide

Nov 11, 2015 - 04:02 am .- Pope Francis celebrated Mass in Florence this week, saying that joy comes from discerning the real Jesus from the image offered by distorted philosophies of God, popular only for a short time.

Chilean abortion plan is 'a trap for the gullible,' cardinal says

Nov 11, 2015 - 12:25 am .- Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, prefect for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, firmly rejected a proposal to legalize abortion in Chile, calling it “a trap for the gullible.”

A 'most powerful woman' โ€“ National Geographic's major hat tip to the Virgin Mary

Nov 10, 2015 - 03:45 pm .- Our Lady. Blessed Mother. Virgin Mary. Queen of Peace. Theotokos. Handmaid of the Lord. Mother Mary.

Francis' message to the Italian Church: imitate Jesus in humility, service

Nov 10, 2015 - 12:13 pm .- In a lengthy speech to the Italian Church at large, Pope Francis said that true human and ecclesial advancement can only be achieved when founded on the humility and detachment of power exemplified by Christ.

'Be the hug of Christ' โ€“ White Mass in DC encourages those with disabilities

Nov 10, 2015 - 03:25 am .- Honoring individuals with disabilities and mental health challenges, Cardinal Donald Wuerl of Washington, D.C., celebrated the archdiocese's annual White Mass on Sunday and encouraged the faithful to embrace, serve and welcome the diversity of the Church.

In Tuscany, Pope Francis says proximity overcomes indifference

Nov 10, 2015 - 02:58 am .- Pope Francis today traveled to the Tuscan city of Prato, where he told the city’s labor force – many Chinese immigrants – to be courageous in fighting corruption and indifference, and to work toward a culture of inclusion.

Pope Francis ordains new bishop at major Roman cathedral

Nov 9, 2015 - 05:00 pm .- At Saint John Lateran cathedral in Rome, Pope Francis ordained Monsignor Angelo De Donatis as an auxiliary bishop, encouraging the new prelate in off-the-cuff remarks to be an example of God's mercy.

Knights of Columbus reach $100 billion in life insurance

Nov 9, 2015 - 02:29 pm .- The Knights of Columbus announced last week that they have surpassed $100 billion of life insurance in force, adding to a year of record-breaking sales.

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