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Chilean legislators appeal to judicial branch over pro-abortion bill

Aug 8, 2015 - 07:03 am .- The representatives who voted on Tuesday against a bill legalizing abortion in Chile will file an appeal against the initiative with the Constitutional Court.

Chilean women: Abortion does not solve problem of sexual violence, discrimination

Aug 5, 2015 - 08:26 pm .- Women in a new video released in Chile said that mothers facing difficult pregnancies need compassion and care from society, not abortion.

Enrique Shaw: the Argentine businessman whom Francis may soon beatify

Aug 3, 2015 - 04:41 pm .- Pope Francis’ desire to see the late Argentine businessman Enrique Shaw raised to the altars could be close to fruition, according to the postulator of Shaw's cause for beatification.

Religious sisters sue Colombian TV network for 'false' depiction of saint's life

Jul 31, 2015 - 12:44 am .- An order of religious sisters in Colombia is suing a national television network for producing a series that it says twists the facts about the life of the order’s founder, the first Colombian saint.

The Francis effect takes hold at a notorious Bolivian prison

Jul 28, 2015 - 04:39 pm .- Pope Francis’ July 10 visit to a prison in Bolivia was just one of several dozen events over the course of the recent papal trip to Latin America.

Yerba mate, Jesuits, and Francis – the story of the Pope's favorite drink

Jul 19, 2015 - 06:01 am .- On more than one occasion Pope Francis has been seen sharing a drink offered him by a pilgrim from Argentina: it's mate, a traditional infused drink popular in his native country and its neighbors.

Venezuela's bishops caution against the adoption of no-fault divorce

Jul 17, 2015 - 12:04 am .- The Venezuelan bishops last week warned that marriage and families in their nation will be weakened as a result of a court decision ruling that spouses can divorce without any evidence of wrongdoing on either's part.

The 'angel' of Guatemala: 12-year-old chooses death over gang violence

Jul 16, 2015 - 03:38 pm .- When 12-year-old Ángel Ariel Escalante Pérez was confronted by gang members demanding that he kill a bus driver in Guatemala, he said no.

'It's hard to think there was no complicity' – Mexican bishop on 'El Chapo' escape

Jul 16, 2015 - 12:00 am .- Three Mexican bishops have spoken out in recent days about public sector corruption in their nation, highlighting the escape of the drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera, from a maximum security prison on Saturday.

Chilean administration open to approval of adoption by homosexual couples

Jul 14, 2015 - 10:19 pm .- Shortly after the legalization of same-sex civil unions in Chile, the nation's secretary of justice said in an interview last week that the government “is not going to oppose” a bill legalizing the adoption of children by homosexual couples.

Pope Francis off-the-cuff to young people: Don't waste your lives

Jul 12, 2015 - 04:13 pm .- Pope Francis tossed aside his prepared remarks in a talk to thousands of Paraguay's young people – urging the crowd to go against the cultural current and to live for Jesus with a “free heart.”

Spectacular Paraguay altar destined to be broken down, recycled

Jul 12, 2015 - 03:07 pm .- The more than 60,000 corncobs, 20,000 squashes and 150,000 coconuts that adorn the altarpiece in Asuncion’s Ñu Guazú park where Pope Francis celebrated Mass on the last day of his visit to Paraguay won’t be going to waste.  

Want to preach the Gospel effectively? Be welcoming, Pope says

Jul 12, 2015 - 09:41 am .- In the final homily of his trip to South America Pope Francis said that a key aspect of Christian spirituality and evangelization is to have a welcoming attitude toward others, especially those most in need.

Pope prays with Paraguay clergy, urges conformity to Christ

Jul 11, 2015 - 05:14 pm .- Pope Francis reflected on the nature of Christian vocation on Saturday during a meeting with Paraguay’s clergy, religious and seminarians.  “A person called by God does not show off; he or she does not seek recognition or applause; he or she does not claim to be better than others, standing apart as if on a pedestal,” Pope Francis said.

Happiness and pleasure are not synonyms, Pope Francis reminds Paraguay's youth

Jul 11, 2015 - 04:30 pm .- Meeting Saturday afternoon with representatives of Paraguayan society, Pope Francis addressed young people in particular, telling them they must realize that happiness is a result of working to make a more fraternal world.

Pope visits foundation for AIDS victims verbally attacked by gay rights activist

Jul 11, 2015 - 11:32 am .- Pope Francis modified his schedule on Saturday, July 11, deciding to include this afternoon a visit to the Saint Rafael Foundation, which cares for patients with AIDS and cancer, and which was recently verbally attacked by Paraguay's most prominent gay rights activist.

Pope calls on Paraguay’s women to build the future

Jul 11, 2015 - 09:47 am .- Saying Mass at the Marian shrine of Caacupé on Saturday, Pope Francis reflected that it is the task of the “women, wives and mothers” of Paraguay to keep alive their nation’s faith and heritage.

Pope Francis tells sick children of Paraguay they are close to Jesus

Jul 11, 2015 - 08:29 am .- There is one way to annoy Jesus, Pope Francis said on Saturday: Keep the children from coming to him.

Francis lauds strength of Paraguay women amid nation's bloody history

Jul 10, 2015 - 05:33 pm .- Arriving in Paraguay on Friday, Pope Francis recognized the particular contribution of women in the nation’s warn-torn past.    

From one sinner to another, Pope asks for prayers during prison visit

Jul 10, 2015 - 09:19 am .- Pope Francis on Friday told Bolivian inmates that he too is a sinner who has experienced the merciful love of God, and encouraged them not to fall into despair but to accept forgiveness and to sustain themselves with prayer.

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