Chavez lashes out at Church in Venezuela for criticizing his reforms

Chavez lashes out at Church in Venezuela for criticizing his reforms


Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has reacted violently to a new document by the country’s bishops criticizing his proposed constitutional reforms, calling the bishops “morally unacceptable.”

In a statement released last Friday, the bishops of Venezuela used that phrase to describe Chavez’s proposed reforms.  “They are the ones who are morally unacceptable for our people, for our Church, for us Catholics and Christians,” Chavez stated.  “These bishops are an embarrassment, and if anyone of them thinks he is the exception let him speak up,” he said during an interview on state-run television.

“It was so sad to hear a bishop, several bishops, lie to the country,” he went on.  “May God forgive them for their ignorance and insensitivity!” Chavez screamed.

The Venezuelan president said he was also preparing what he called a “2008 Revolution Plan,” which he said would be “a revolution within the revolution.”

The revolution would begin with the approval of the constitutional reforms,” Chavez said, “but I am not going to give any preview of the 2008 Revolution, which will be a deepening of the revolution,” he reiterated.

For reaction from Venezuelan Cardinal Savino click here.


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