“The drivers passing by once more had the opportunity to consider the question of abortion.”


It was a relatively quiet day. We had four to five prayer warriors at the clinic praying all four mysteries of the Rosary and the Divine Mercy Chaplet, and one faithful prayer warrior praying in front of the tabernacle at St. Kieran’s.

I was able to give pamphlets and flyers to about 15 people in cars driving in or out of the parking lot. They all were surprisingly receptive when I asked if I could give them information about Planned Parenthood -- the number one abortion provider in the country. I gave them information on contraceptives and messages on chastity and told them that this information would help them make informed choices concerning their bodies and their relationships, however I could not get into too much discussion because their cars would be blocking the driveway. About three drivers would not roll down their windows or the driver would look the other way as I approached them.

I did have a good discussion with a young lady passerby named Isla. I gave her the information and asked if she had a boyfriend. She said she did and that she hoped to marry him. I told her that her chances of having a successful marriage would be better if they did not have sex until they were married. She said that, although they were living together, that's exactly what they were doing. I hope I was able to encourage her to help maintain that commitment until they married.

All in all, the morning went well and with the prayer warriors and their signs, the drivers passing by once more had the opportunity to consider the question of abortion.


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