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Apr 4, 2020 - 01:22 pm .- “This Holy Week will be different. Our churches may be closed, but Christ is not quarantined and his Gospel is not in chains.”
Apr 4, 2020 - 12:30 pm .- An Iowa order of Trappist monks is offering an unusual but necessary act of charity amid the global pandemic - free caskets to financially struggling families who have lost a loved one.
Apr 4, 2020 - 12:01 pm .- Holy Week this year is going to look different for almost every Catholic in the United States.
Apr 3, 2020 - 11:55 pm .- Thomas Sowell and his wife own Southeast Palm and Foliage in Astor, Florida, in the middle of the state, about 40 miles west of Daytona Beach.
Apr 3, 2020 - 07:00 pm .- The U.S. religious freedom ambassador on Thursday called on governments to release prisoners of conscience during the new coronavirus pandemic.
Apr 3, 2020 - 05:30 pm .- The threat of the coronavirus has hit nursing homes of the Archdiocese of New York especially hard, with families now being advised to bring their loved ones home if possible.
Apr 3, 2020 - 05:00 pm .- The state of New York legalized commercial surrogacy as part of a budget bill passed on April 3. The law was condemned by the state Catholic conference. There are now just three states where commercial surrogacy is not legal. 
Apr 3, 2020 - 04:00 pm .- The 2020 Catholics for Trump group said it aims to focus on its view that the president’s policies model and reflect Catholic social teaching.
Apr 3, 2020 - 03:30 pm .- The Supreme Court announced Friday that oral arguments in the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor have been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.
Apr 3, 2020 - 01:00 pm .- The coronavirus pandemic does not justify abandoning medical ethics, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops told medical professionals in an urgent warning issued on Friday.
Apr 3, 2020 - 10:49 am .- Bishops are struggling to adjust to the pastoral emergency which has accompanied the coronavirus pandemic. The results have been mixed.
Apr 3, 2020 - 04:33 am .- When the plague struck the Italian city of Milan and the surrounding area in the 1570s, St. Charles Borromeo, then a cardinal, became well-known for his efforts to remind people of their faith in a time of sickness and death.
Apr 2, 2020 - 11:55 pm .- An expert research professor on vaccines at the Catholic University of America is working with the university to make his patents available royalty-free to help fight the coronavirus pandemic.
Apr 2, 2020 - 05:00 pm .- One Catholic evangelist said that lessons he’s learning about online evangelization during the coronavirus pandemic could make some Catholic ministries far more effective than they once were.
Apr 2, 2020 - 04:00 pm .- Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has disputed Planned Parenthood’s claim that the state targeted abortion clinics in an order prohibiting non-essential medical procedures during the coronavirus pandemic. 
Apr 2, 2020 - 03:00 pm .- Faced with quarantines and stay-at-home orders, the four houses of L’Arche Greater Washington, D.C. (GWDC) were forced to adjust to a whole host of changes to keep the members of the community safe. 
Apr 2, 2020 - 10:02 am .- St. John Paul II was the most traveled pope in history, logging some 700,000 miles and visiting nearly 130 countries.
Apr 2, 2020 - 04:00 am .- Parish and diocesan employees who have been laid off during the coronavirus pandemic aren't sure if they'll be rehired, or what they'll do next.
Apr 1, 2020 - 04:34 pm .- The Bishop of Boise told priests last month that Mass in the diocese should not be celebrated in the ad orientem posture, and that material from “independent websites” is not appropriate for religious instruction.
Apr 1, 2020 - 03:10 pm .- Many bishops have now also taken steps to limit or suspend access to the sacraments due to the coronavirus. Here’s a list of those dioceses.
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