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Archive of February 10, 2004

Synthesis of Catechism of the Catholic Church ready for review

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- The first draft of a summary of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, which hundreds of bishops around the world requested of Pope John Paul II, is now ready for review. In March of 2003, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the publication of the Catechism, Pope John Paul established a special commission, headed up by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, to draft a summary of the text.

Vatican announces seven canonizations, including pro-life mother

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- The Vatican press office announced that on Thursday, February 19, an Ordinary Public Consistory will be held to announce the canonization of seven blessed, including one Italian mother who preferred to die instead of undergoing a treatment that would have caused the death of her unborn child.

Pope appoints new Bishop for Portland, Maine

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- Pope John Paul II appointed as the new Bishop of Portland, Maine, the Most Reverend Richard Joseph Malone, Auxiliary of Boston.

The Vatican celebrates 75 years of recovering sovereign status

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- Tomorrow is a holiday in the Vatican as this tiny city-state celebrates the 75th anniversary of the signing of the Lateran Accords that allowed the Vatican to recover its sovereign status after more than 50 years of disputes with the Italian state.

‘The Passion’ should not affect Jewish-Catholic relations, says Archbishop Chaput

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- Members of the Jewish and Catholic faith have the right to differ over “The Passion of the Christ” but that should not have a negative impact on Jewish-Christian relations in the long term, said Archbishop Charles Chaput. The archbishop of Denver delivered this message yesterday as part of his opening remarks to those gathered for the Catholic-Jewish Dialogue on the New Anti-Semitism.

'Popetown' cartoon may be too controversial for broadcast BBC admits

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- Sources connected with the BBC say that Popetown may be too controversial to be broadcast after thousands of viewers complained and expressed their anger about the cartoon’s portrayal of a corrupt Roman Catholic Church, reported The Guardian.

Mexican bishops to propose sex-ed based on chastity

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- The Bishops Conference of Mexico has announced that it will soon issue a program which will allow for the education of young people in chastity as an alternative to the “sexual education” programs that are based solely on contraceptive drugs and condoms.

Poll reveals Church is the most trustworthy organization in Venezuela

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- According to a national poll carried out during October and September of 2003 by researchers at the Simón Bolívar University, the Catholic Church is considered the most trustworthy organization by Venezuelans.

Abortion organizations in Perú demand Health Minister suspend “defense of life”

Feb 10, 2004 - 12:00 am .- In a revealing letter addressed to Peru’s Health Minister, Alvaro Vida Rivadeneyra, a group of feminist and abortion organizations have demanded the suspension of a norm based on the Peruvian Constitution that requires the defense of the life of the unborn in the country’s health facilities.