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Archive of June 20, 2006

Supreme Court to review second partial-birth abortion case

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- Yesterday the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear the appeal of a second partial-birth abortion case and the outcome could mean an end to the procedure.  

Mexican cardinal calls on candidates to respect election results

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- The Archbishop of Mexico City, Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, has called on presidential candidates to respect the results of the upcoming July 2 elections no matter how close the margin of victory is, in order to prevent a long period of transition between the two administrations.

Spanish bishop says public expression of faith is a right, not a “concession” from government

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- During his homily for the Solemnity of Corpus Christ, Bishop Demetrio Fernandez Gonzalez, of Tarazona, said this week that the public expression of one’s faith “is not just some privilege that public officials grant us,” but rather “a right that we exercise.”

Church not asking to be official religion of the State, Bolivian cardinal says

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- The Archbishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Cardinal Julio Terrazas, exhorted Bolivians not to be fooled by certain congressional candidates who are misleading people by claiming that the Church is asking that Catholicism be the official religion of Bolivia.

Mexican bishop says, “without disrespect,” homosexuals have no right to be fathers

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- During Mass this past Sunday, which was also observed as Father’s Day in many countries, Bishop Benjamin Castillo Plascencia of Tabasco said homosexuals don’t have the right to be fathers “because they cannot give an example of true masculinity.”

Baghdad Bishop says people are frightened but strong in faith

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- Bishop Andreas Abouna, Auxiliary Bishop of Baghdad, has told Aid to the Church in Need that a recent attack on a church in his diocese demonstrates the daily fear that his people live in and the faith that they continue to display.

Pro-life group to lead prayer campaign for 2006 elections

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- Priests for Life will lead an 18-week prayer campaign, starting July 4, to prepare the nation for the 2006 elections.

Pope affirms rights of refugees and challenges Church to respond

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- Pope Benedict XVI asked Sunday that the rights of refugees “always be respected” and encouraged church communities “to respond to their needs.”

Cardinal Sodano says that he will stop being Secretary State when the pope wants

Jun 20, 2006 - 12:00 am .- The Secretary of State, Cardinal Angelo Sodano, confronted speculation by the press about his possible departure and affirmed that he will be in his position as long as, “the Pope wants.”