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Archive of May 3, 2007

Pro-Abortion senator prohibited from speaking at Catholic high school graduation

May 3, 2007 - 02:17 pm .- A Catholic all-girls high school withdrew its invitation to Sen. Claire McCaskill to speak at this year’s graduation ceremony because her positions on abortion and stem cell research are not in line with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

ABC reschedules debate about God

May 3, 2007 - 01:40 pm .- Actor Kirk Cameron and best-selling author Ray Comfort will square off with two atheists this weekend for a 90-minute debate about the existence of God.

Spanish authorities reject calls to investigate firing of waitress who refused to undergo abortion

May 3, 2007 - 01:25 pm .- The civil organization E-Cristians has denounced Spanish officials for refusing to investigate the firing of a waitress at a restaurant in Gerona after she refused to comply with her manager’s wish that she undergo an abortion.

Spanish Cardinal denounces “climate of intolerance and anti-ecclesial fanaticism” in Italy

May 3, 2007 - 12:40 pm .- Cardinal Julian Herranz denounced the “climate of intolerance and anti-ecclesial fanaticism” currently present in Italy.  The cardinal’s comments came in response to recent death threats against Archbishop Angelo Bagnasco, over his statements against homosexual unions.

Episcopal leadership upset over installation of bishop for parallel conservative church

May 3, 2007 - 12:23 pm .- The leadership of the Episcopalian Church of the United States is upset over the pending installation this weekend of a bishop to head a parallel conservative denomination.

Teacher sues after ‘In God We Trust’ classroom poster is ordered removed

May 3, 2007 - 12:06 pm .- A teacher is suing his school district after officials ordered him to remove classroom posters that make reference to God. The posters displayed phrases that are closely associated to the United States, such as “In God We Trust”.

Italian Comic’s Comedy of Errors

May 3, 2007 - 12:00 pm .- The Italian comic Andrea Rivera’s recent outburst against the Church because of its stands on euthanasia, evolution, and contraception has caused a reaction from L’Osservatore Romano. Fr. Lombardi, from the Vatican's press office, responded to Rivera's accusations saying, "The statements ... are of a worrying superficiality, but their gravity is not superficial."     

President Bush reminds Americans of the importance of prayer

May 3, 2007 - 11:04 am .- This morning at the White House, President Bush commemorated the National Day of Prayer.  He called upon Americans to remember that their nation is one founded upon a tradition of prayer and that prayer has greater power than is often recognized. The President began by noting that, “We're a prayerful nation. I believe that makes us a strong nation.” Harking back to President George Washington, Bush recalled that, “It's the duty of all nations to acknowledge the providence of Almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and to humbly implore his protection and favor.”

Archbishop Tomasi addresses human suffering in Iraq

May 3, 2007 - 10:02 am .- Archbishop Silvano M. Tomasi C.S., delivered a talk during an international conference called by the U.N. High Commission for Refugees to consider the humanitarian needs of refugees and internally displaced persons within Iraq and neighboring States.