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Archive of February 8, 2008

Benedict XVI sends donation to victims of natural disasters in Bolivia

Feb 8, 2008 - 11:06 pm .- Pope Benedict XVI has sent a donation of $50,000 through the Pontifical Council Cor Unum to help the victims of natural disasters in Bolivia, according to Bishop Jesus Juarez, general secretary of the Bishops’ Conference of Bolivia.

Feminists involved in abortion for young girl demand investigations cease

Feb 8, 2008 - 09:41 pm .- The nine feminists accused of covering up the rape of a young Nicaraguan girl who has become the symbol of the pro-abortion movement in the country have requested that attorney general Julio Centeno Gomez reject the lawsuit that has been filed against them, saying they are victims of political persecution.

In one year 66 babies survived abortions in UK … and were left to die

Feb 8, 2008 - 05:08 pm .- A government report in the UK has revealed that babies who survive abortions are refused medical treatment and often left to die.  According to Lifesite News, at least 66 infants survived abortions in one year alone.  Thirty-three of the survivors lived for an hour while one struggled for life for 10 hours.

Pope Benedict’s U.S. visit is official, popemobile to be rolled out in D.C.

Feb 8, 2008 - 02:22 pm .- The Vatican officially confirmed today that Pope Benedict XVI will pay his first visit to the United States April 15-20.

Fra' Andrew Bertie, Grand Master of the Order of Malta, passes away

Feb 8, 2008 - 01:28 pm .- Fra’ Andrew Bertie, the Grand Master of the Sovereign Order of Malta, a man known for his holiness and the modernizing of the order, passed away on February 7 in Rome at the age of 78.

Costa Rica must constantly awaken its Christian roots, Pope tells bishops

Feb 8, 2008 - 11:12 am .- Bishops from Costa Rica visited with the Pope this morning at the Vatican and received a message of encouragement and challenge from Benedict XVI. The Pontiff called on the prelates to “constantly revitalize their ancient and deep Christian roots” and to guard against the risk letting Costa Ricans’ faith become “lethargic and superficial.”

Pope speaks with priests from his diocese about Heaven and Hell

Feb 8, 2008 - 10:18 am .- In a meeting held yesterday in the Vatican's Hall of Blessings with priests of the diocese of Rome, the Holy Father participated in a question and answer session on wide range of issues, including the reality of Heaven and Hell.

Vatican prepares for interreligious meeting with Muslim leaders

Feb 8, 2008 - 06:18 am .- The first meetings were held earlier this week at the Vatican to prepare for the visit of representatives of the 138 Muslim scholars who have offered to conduct interreligious dialogue, Italian journalist and church expert Sandro Magister reports.

Divorced parents contest life-sustaining feeding tube for brain-damaged adult daughter

Feb 8, 2008 - 04:38 am .- In a case recalling the conflict over Terri Schiavo, two divorced parents in Delaware are fighting over whether to continue life-sustaining nutrition for their brain-damaged adult daughter, the News Journal reports.

Large inheritance left for terminally ill discovered after 50 years in Spain

Feb 8, 2008 - 02:16 am .- A fortune left by a Spanish woman for the Archdiocese of Valencia to create a foundation for the terminally ill has been discovered half a century after her death.

Reporting error overstates decline in numbers of vowed religious

Feb 8, 2008 - 01:23 am .- An article in the Vatican newspaper L’Osservatore Romano incorrectly reported a 10 % decline in the numbers of vowed religious.  The correct figures, more than one tenth fewer, were reported on Tuesday, according to L’Osservatore Romano.