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Archive of July 3, 2008

Christian truth is for all, says Archbishop Amato

Jul 3, 2008 - 10:05 pm .- The secretary for the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Archbishop Angelo Amato, explained this week that “Christian truth is not only for experts but for everyone, it is not only a theoretical truth but also a practical one.  It’s not a truth only for academia but also for daily life.”

Group prays and petitions for lower oil prices

Jul 3, 2008 - 09:12 pm .- Seeking lower gasoline prices, the “Pray at the Pump Movement” has been holding prayer vigils at gas stations around the country. On Monday, the group’s founder, Rocky Twyman, spent the afternoon outside of the Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington praying and collecting signatures petitioning Saudi Arabia to release more oil.

Pope welcomes governor of the Solomon Islands

Jul 3, 2008 - 08:50 pm .- Today at Castelgandolfo, the Holy Father received the Governor General of the Solomon Islands, Sir Nathaniel Rahumaea Waena.  In the meeting, Benedict XVI discussed country’s state of affairs while the Secretary for the Relations with the States, Archbishop Dominique Mamberti, thanked him for encouraging youth to participate in the upcoming World Youth Day.

Canadian priest returns Order of Canada award in protest of Morgentaler

Jul 3, 2008 - 05:49 pm .- The awarding of the Order of Canada to Dr. Hans Morgentaler, an abortionist who helped overturn anti-abortion laws in Canada, has prompted a past honoree to return the decoration amid calls for Morgentaler’s award to be revoked. The Catholic bishops of Canada have also added their voice to the fray, saying the selection of Morgentaler “discredits the Order of Canada” by decorating a man who has “attacked the most vulnerable, the unborn.”

Cardinal Terrazas offers to mediate dialogue between government and opposition

Jul 3, 2008 - 04:24 pm .- The Archbishop of Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Cardinal Julio Terrazas Sandoval, reaffirmed this week his willingness to serve as a facilitator in the dialogue between Bolivian president Evo Morales' government and opposition leaders.

Anglican communion denies ties to new 'Chavez Church'

Jul 3, 2008 - 03:59 pm .-  In a press release the Diocese of Venezuela of the Anglican Church said this week it “has no ties” to the so-called “Reformed Catholic Church,” a group of dissidents who support the government of Hugo Chavez.

Number of elderly to surpass number of children in Cuba in twelve years

Jul 3, 2008 - 01:14 pm .- Experts from the National Office of Statistics and of the Latin American Center for the Elderly said this week that Cuba has one of the oldest populations in Latin America and that by 2020 there will be more elderly people than children in the country.

Fr. Damien, parents of St. Therese advance toward sainthood, Vatican announces

Jul 3, 2008 - 10:50 am .- The head of the Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, Cardinal Jose Saraiva Martins, met with Pope Benedict today to present him with 14 causes for canonization in their various stages. Among those approved for advancement towards sainthood are Fr. Damien De Veuster, a Belgian missionary to Hawaii, and the parents of St. Therese of Lisieux.  

Holy Father announces Canadian bishop appointments

Jul 3, 2008 - 10:45 am .- Today Pope Benedict made two Canadian bishop appointments: Bishop Pierre-Andrew Fournier, as the metropolitan archbishop of Rimouski, and Bishop Pierre Morissette as the bishop of Saint-Jerome.  Both are replacing prelates who reached the age of 75, the age of resignation according to Canon Law.

Despite Islamic extremism, Catholic outreach continues in Pakistan

Jul 3, 2008 - 06:14 am .- Catholic evangelization, outreach initiatives and charitable work in Pakistan are continuing in the face of opposition from Muslim hard-liners and the country’s harsh laws punishing those found guilty of insulting Islam, according to Bishop of Hyderabad Max Rodrigues.

Bishop DiLorenzo forbade charity’s assistance in girl’s abortion, diocese says

Jul 3, 2008 - 03:01 am .- The Diocese of Richmond has provided more information surrounding the January incident in which Commonwealth Catholic Charities of Richmond (CCR) staff and volunteers assisted a 16-year-old Guatemalan girl obtain an abortion.

Texas Catholic hospitals did not follow Catholic ethics, report claims

Jul 3, 2008 - 01:19 am .- At least 9,684 sterilizations and even some abortions may have been performed at Catholic hospitals in Texas between 2000 and 2003, a whistleblower report based on state records alleges. While Catholic ethical directives are supposed to govern Catholic healthcare systems, the report claims that “all six US Catholic hospital systems operating in Texas do not follow these directives.”