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Archive of July 4, 2008

Cardinal Bergoglio denounces new forms of slavery and exploitation in Argentina

Jul 4, 2008 - 11:03 pm .- The Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, warned against the modern forms of slavery and exploitation during a Mass this week for immigrants, women involved in prostitution and victims of slave labor.

Church should overcome temptation to secularization, bishops say

Jul 4, 2008 - 06:04 pm .- The bishops’ conferences of Europe issued a statement at the end of their meeting in Covadonga, Spain, in which they encouraged the Church to give “witness to the risen Christ, to give Europe back to God with humility and liberty” in the midst of a secular society.

Obama defenders ignore his support for infanticide, Deal Hudson says

Jul 4, 2008 - 04:27 pm .- Political analyst Deal Hudson has argued that supporters of Sen. Barack Obama, the presumptive Democratic nominee, are misrepresenting or even denying Obama’s support for “infanticide.” Hudson charges the Senator with supporting infanticide through his opposition to protections for infants who survive abortion attempts.

Pope Benedict’s visit to France confirmed by the Vatican

Jul 4, 2008 - 10:47 am .- The Vatican released Pope Benedict XVI’s official schedule today for the visit he will make to France in September to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Virgin Mary at Lourdes.

McCain visits Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe

Jul 4, 2008 - 04:43 am .- Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain on early Thursday morning visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe before meeting with Mexican President Felipe Calderon at the end of his three-day Latin America visit aimed at promoting free trade.

Pope Benedict to be first reader in six-day marathon Bible recitation

Jul 4, 2008 - 02:33 am .- Pope Benedict XVI will take part in a continuous Bible reading for the Italian state broadcaster RAI, it has been announced. He will begin the six-day marathon recitation by reading the first chapter of Genesis in Italian on October 5.