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Oklahoma legislature would allow pregnant mother to use deadly force to protect unborn

Apr 4, 2009 - 06:37 pm .- The Oklahoma Legislature is considering a bill that would define unborn children as persons to allow pregnant women to use deadly force to save the lives of their babies.

The Church will continue to assist the Dominican Republic in becoming more peaceful and free, says Pope

Apr 4, 2009 - 05:02 pm .- Pope Benedict XVI received the Letters of Credence, the formal document granting diplomatic accreditation, of Victor Manuel Grimaldi Cespedes, the new ambassador of the Dominican Republic on Friday and assured the ambassador that the Church will always assist in helping the country become "a freer, more peaceful, just and fraternal civilization."

‘Miraculous’ recovery from ‘non-survivable’ gunshot wound could beatify Pope John Paul II

Apr 4, 2009 - 01:55 pm .- A man who suffered a "non-survivable" execution-style gunshot to the head during a mugging in Cleveland has had a "miraculous" recovery possibly due to the intercession of Pope John Paul II. If the late pontiff is credited for the miracle, it would lead to his beatification.

High school students sacrifice spring break to assist hurricane victims

Apr 4, 2009 - 01:38 pm .- "Come, be my light" was God’s call to Mother Teresa more than 50 years ago. Seventeen students and four adults from Bishop Machebeuf High School in Denver felt the same call last week, to help those in need in Galveston, Texas. The island off the southwestern coast of the state was devastated by Hurricane Ike in mid-September 2008, causing massive destruction, unseen in the historic city since 1900.

Austin priest remains missing in Mexico border town

Apr 4, 2009 - 09:06 am .- A Diocese of Austin priest who disappeared while preparing a retirement home in the border town of Nuevo Laredo, Mexico remains missing, with police saying there is not enough evidence to determine if a crime was committed.

Mexican bishops defend their freedom of expression on political views

Apr 4, 2009 - 02:37 am .- The secretary general of the Bishops’ Conference of Mexico, Bishop Jose Leopoldo Gonzalez, this week defended the right of the bishops to speak out on political issues, against the opinions of some politicians who wish to silence the Church.

Notre Dame Response plans first demonstration this Sunday

Apr 4, 2009 - 12:18 am .- This week Notre Dame Response announced that their first official demonstration will take place on Notre Dame’s campus after the Palm Sunday Mass and will feature pro-life attorney and speaker Harold Cassidy.

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