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Apologetics conference to answer ‘culture of doubt’

Jun 7, 2009 - 07:20 pm .- The Envoy Institute of Belmont Abbey College will host a three-day apologetics conference this July to address atheism and the “culture of doubt.”

Nashville Dominicans preparing for large postulant class

Jun 7, 2009 - 02:19 pm .- “No matter how much I gave away, it was never enough.”  With these words, Kelsey Wicks, 26, described her calling to religious life.  Although she had been studying at the Augustine Institute in Denver, Colorado and working as a campus minister, she always felt called to something more. 

R.I. director captures humanity and beauty of life in films

Jun 7, 2009 - 01:53 pm .- Part of an incredible team of filmmakers, Charles Kinnane helps give people a glimpse into a world they may have never experienced. Through dramatic filming and powerful images, Kinnane and the “Christ-centered” team lets the dignity of the human person shine through the lepers in Africa, the homeless in New York City, and abused and disabled children in Peru.

‘We live to love and be loved,’ teaches Pope while reflecting on Trinity

Jun 7, 2009 - 09:57 am .- Twenty thousand people gathered in St Peter’s Square for the Angelus prayer on Sunday despite poor weather.  Prior to the Marian prayer, Pope Benedict told those present that “the ‘name’ of the Holy Trinity is impressed on everything that exists, because everything comes from love, reaches out for love and is moved by the spirit of love.”

The life of St. Barnabas

Jun 7, 2009 - 05:29 am .- On Thursday, June 11 the Church will celebrate the feast day of St. Barnabas, one of the original 72 disciples who worked to convert the Gentiles.

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