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Pope calls on Church leaders to learn language of the digital world

Mar 1, 2011 - 06:55 pm .- Catholic Church leaders must learn to understand and to speak in the “new language” of mass media and “digital culture” while recognizing the challenges they pose for faith and theology, Pope Benedict XVI said Feb. 28.

First same-sex 'divorce' registered in Mexico

Mar 1, 2011 - 03:35 pm .- The first “divorce” between a lesbian couple has been registered in the Mexican city of Piedras Negras, located on the Mexico-Texas border.

British court says Christian couple can't be foster parents due to beliefs

Mar 1, 2011 - 03:22 pm .- On Feb. 28, two British judges ruled that a Christian couple can no longer participate in the foster care of children, because of their conviction that a homosexual lifestyle is immoral.

Archbishop Chaput criticizes American inaction on religious freedom issues

Mar 1, 2011 - 01:31 pm .- American inaction and complacency towards promoting religious freedom keeps the United States from exporting one of its “greatest qualities” and hinders an “honest discussion” on the relationship between Islam and democratic assumptions, Archbishop Charles J. Chaput said March 1.

Bishop warns that Nicaragua could be on road to totalitarianism

Mar 1, 2011 - 01:04 pm .- Auxiliary Bishop Silvio Jose Baez of Managua, Nicaragua is warning that the country could be on the road to an “open or veiled form of totalitarianism” in the wake of President Daniel Ortega’s decision to run for another term.

Pope praying for victims of religious persecution in March

Mar 1, 2011 - 11:40 am .- For the month of March, Pope Benedict is praying for those around the world who are discriminated against because of their faith, and for the spiritual growth of Latin America.

Letters of JPII devotees to be brought to his tomb during beatification

Mar 1, 2011 - 09:46 am .- From now until April 27, members of the “JPII generation,” and others who were impacted by  Venerable Pope John Paul II, can submit a message that will be brought to the late Pope's tomb during his Beatification on May 1.

New report: Anti-Christian violence in India had high-level government support

Mar 1, 2011 - 05:45 am .- A new independent report on anti-Christian violence in the southwest Indian state of Karnataka has charged that the violence was pre-planned and backed by the state’s highest government authorities.

Archbishop Dolan questions motive behind removal of NYC pro-life ad

Mar 1, 2011 - 02:48 am .- After the removal of a billboard in New York City which charged that abortion makes a mother’s womb the most dangerous place for African Americans, Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan condemned the move as an intolerant “gag order.”

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