Archive of January 26, 2019

Say yes to Christ’s invitations in your life, Francis exhorts young people

Jan 26, 2019 - 05:43 pm .- Reflecting on the Blessed Virgin Mary’s fiat, Pope Francis encouraged World Youth Day participants Saturday night to say yes to God’s grace in their lives.

These honeymooners head to World Youth Day

Jan 26, 2019 - 03:12 pm .- At World Youth Day, there are tens of thousands of pilgrims, thousands of priests and religious sisters, and hundreds of bishops. But there are very few honeymooners. Nadia Giudice and Alberto Celi might, in fact, be the only ones.

Youth minister: Pope Francis emphasized prayer in response to sex abuse crisis

Jan 26, 2019 - 03:00 pm .- A diocesan youth minister who lunched with Pope Francis Saturday said that he spoke about the necessity of prayer in responding to the clerical sex abuse crisis.

Asian WYD pilgrims eager for strengthening of faith amid challenges at home

Jan 26, 2019 - 11:54 am .- Amid large and very vocal delegations from Latin America at World Youth Day, pilgrims from all across Asia are also in attendance. The Church in Asia is growing, even as the faithful in several countries face challenges such as increasing secularization or outright hostility from their governments.

Pope Francis: Heal the 'wearied hope' within a wounded Church

Jan 26, 2019 - 07:54 am .- Pope Francis said Saturday that he recognized the weariness felt in the priesthood and in religious communities due to the sins that wound the Church today.

Utah bill would prohibit changing birth certificate sex

Jan 26, 2019 - 03:07 am .- Proposed legislation in Utah would require the sex listed on birth certificates to reflect the sex of the person at birth, banning people from later requesting to change the sex listed on the document.