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Archive of September 7, 2020

How the Catholic Church helped unemployed laborers in the 1920s

Sep 7, 2020 - 04:00 pm .- The 1920s are known as the “Roaring Twenties” because they were years of economic growth and rising prosperity. But while the U.S. was booming, other countries were grappling with stagnation and mass unemployment.

Religious sisters missing after jihadist attack found safe and well

Sep 7, 2020 - 11:15 am .- Two religious sisters missing after jihadists attacked a port town in Mozambique have been found safe and well, a Catholic bishop said Sunday. 

Church leaders pray for peace following stabbings in Birmingham, England

Sep 7, 2020 - 09:00 am .- Catholic and Anglican leaders in Birmingham, England, said they were praying for peace Monday after an attack that left one person dead and seven others injured.

Mundelein seminary accepts nominations for 'hero priests' of the pandemic

Sep 7, 2020 - 06:01 am .- In a photo from this spring, Fr. Bobby Krueger dons a black beanie, thick grey gloves, and a jacket with a hood over his clerics.

Pope Francis accepts resignation of Duluth Bishop-elect Michel Mulloy after abuse allegation

Sep 7, 2020 - 05:15 am .- Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of the Bishop-elect of Duluth, Minnesota, Michel J. Mulloy, after an accusation that he abused a minor in the 1980s surfaced in early August.

Why organized labor is (still) a Catholic cause

Sep 7, 2020 - 04:49 am .- At a time when labor unions are weak, Catholics still have a place in the labor movement, said a priest who emphasized the Church’s historic efforts to teach the rights of labor and train workers to organize.

Cardinal Jaworski, friend of St. John Paul II, dies at age 94

Sep 7, 2020 - 04:30 am .- A cardinal who was close to St. John Paul II died Saturday, two weeks after his 94th birthday.

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