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Archive of January 6, 2021

Venezuelan cardinal: We pray for a happy new year, and push for change in government

Jan 6, 2021 - 09:09 pm .- In a New Year’s message posted on the Archdiocese of Caracas website, Archbishop Emeritus Jorge Urosa Savino said that despite the chaotic situation in Venezuela, Catholics can still hope for a Happy 2021, but that the country urgently needs a change of government.

Cardinal Dolan condemns 'ugly and unlawful' defacement of St Patrick’s cathedral

Jan 6, 2021 - 06:01 pm .- Cardinal Timothy Dolan has denounced the defacement of St. Patrick’s Cathedral after protesters spray painted graffiti on its exterior.

US Catholic bishops demand peace replace violence after protesters disrupt Capitol

Jan 6, 2021 - 05:57 pm .- Catholic bishops strongly condemned pro-Donald Trump protesters' incursion that penetrated the Capitol Building Wednesday as Congress debated the certification of the presidential election results, leading to the evacuation of lawmakers and the deadly shooting of one protester by law enforcement.

Attendance limited at Black Nazarene Masses in Philippines

Jan 6, 2021 - 05:19 pm .- Filippino churches and authorities will limit attendance for the Masses of the Black Nazarene - one of the country’s largest series of events, which usually gathers millions of people to Manila each year.

Rector of Redemptoris Mater seminary in Argentina dies of Covid

Jan 6, 2021 - 04:27 pm .- Fr. James Flores Álvarez, rector of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in the Archdiocese of Corrientes, died Tuesday of COVID-19.

Wave of arrests in Hong Kong targets pro-democracy politicians, activists

Jan 6, 2021 - 03:52 pm .- Police in Hong Kong arrested more than 50 people Wednesday for apparent violations of a China-imposed “national security law”— the latest in a series of crackdowns that have seen several prominent pro-democracy Catholics arrested and charged on the island.

Tucson diocese to suspend indoor Masses for a month due to COVID-19

Jan 6, 2021 - 03:15 pm .- The Diocese of Tucson, Arizona announced new COVID-19 protocols that will require closing all churches for regular public indoor Masses from Jan. 8-Feb. 5, when the current policy will be revisited.

Mexican bakers replace Christ child with Baby Yoda in king cake for Epiphany

Jan 6, 2021 - 03:11 pm .- Several bakeries in Mexico decided to replace the Christ child with Baby Yoda in king cakes for Epiphany, causing controversy.

After abuse accusation, Fr. Michael Pfleger says he's 'devastated, hurt, angry' 

Jan 6, 2021 - 02:09 pm .- Father Michael Pfleger, an outspoken activist Chicago priest, has issued a short response after the Archdiocese of Chicago announced it is investigating an allegation that he sexually abused a minor over 40 years ago.

What pro-lifers are looking to accomplish in 2021

Jan 6, 2021 - 10:21 am .- In 2021, pro-lifers will be looking to preserve certain federal policies, while going on offense in the states to enact pro-life legislation.

Scaled-down Three Kings parades held in Poland due to coronavirus pandemic

Jan 6, 2021 - 08:30 am .- An estimated 2,500 Three Kings parades took place in Poland on Wednesday amid tight coronavirus restrictions.

Pope Francis calls for peace in Central African Republic after disputed election

Jan 6, 2021 - 06:35 am .- Pope Francis called Wednesday for peace in the Central African Republic following a disputed election.

Pope Francis at Epiphany Mass: ‘If we do not worship God, we will worship idols’

Jan 6, 2021 - 04:45 am .- As he celebrated Mass on the Solemnity of the Epiphany of the Lord Wednesday, Pope Francis urged Catholics to devote more time to worshiping God.

The College of Cardinals in 2021: Who could vote in a future papal conclave

Jan 6, 2021 - 03:01 am .- As of the first month of 2021, the College of Cardinals is composed of 229 members, 128 of whom are under the age of 80, and therefore eligible to vote for the next pope in a future conclave.

As LA County limits emergency care amid COVID surge, ethicists weigh in

Jan 6, 2021 - 12:25 am .- Los Angeles County has announced it is limiting non-COVID emergency care, due to hospitals having reached a “point of crisis” during the pandemic, promoting ethicists to discuss whether the act is justified.

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