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Saturday, 8 September

  • 8.00 Transfer by car from the Apostolic Nunciature to Heldenplatz
  • 8.15 Departure by helicopter from Heldenplatz to Mariazell
  • 9.15 Arrival at the heliport of Mariazell
  • 9.25 Transfer by "popemobile" from the heliport to the Shrine of Mariazell
  • 9.45 Arrival at the Shrine of Mariazell
  • 10.30 Holy Mass on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the foundation of the Shrine of Mariazell in the square in front of the Basilica of Mariazell. Homily of the Holy Father 12.30 Return to the Sacristy
  • 13.30 Luncheon with the Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Austria and with the Cardinals and Bishops of the Papal Entourage in the papal residence of Mariazell
  • 16.40 The Pope will walk from the papal residence to the Basilica of Mariazell
  • 16.45 Celebration of Marian Vespers with priests, religious, deacons and seminarians at the Basilica of Mariazell Address of the Holy Father
  • 18.00 Transfer by "popemobile" from the Basilica to the heliport of Mariazell
  • 18.20 Arrival at the heliport of Mariazell
  • 18.30 Departure by helicopter from the heliport of Mariazell to Vienna
  • 19.30 Arrival at the heliport in Heldenplatz and transfer by car to the Apostolic Nunciature
  • 19.50 Arrival at the Apostolic Nunciature

Speeches & Homilies

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