The Pope’s Apostolic Journey to Austria on the occasion of the 850th anniversary of the foundation of the Shrine of Mariazell (September 7-9, 2007).  This is the Pope’s 7th Apostolic Journey outside Italy.

Friday, September 7

  • 9.30 Departure from Rome/Ciampino to Vienna International Airport
  • 11.15 Arrival at the International Airport of Vienna/Schwechat.
    Welcome ceremony at the Vienna International Airport of Vienna/Schwechat Address of the Holy Father.
  • 12.00 Travel to Am Hof Square from the Vienna International Airport.
  • 12.45 Arrival at Am Hof square in Vienna.
  • Prayer before the Mariensäule (bronze column dedicated to the Virgin Mary) Greeting of the Holy Father.
  • 13.30 Take “popemobile” to Judenplatz.
  • 13.35 Brief stop at the monument dedicated to Austrian victims of the Holocaust at Judenplatz.
  • 13.40 Drive from Judenplatz to the Apostolic Nunciature of Vienna by “popemobile.”
  • 13.50 Arrival at the Apostolic Nunciature.
  • 17.15 Drive from the Apostolic Nunciature to Hofburg Palace.
  • 17.30 Arrive at Hofburg Palace for a courtesy visit to the President of the Republic, a meeting with the public authorities and the Diplomatic Corps Address of the Holy Father.
  • 18.45 Travel from Hofburg Palace to the Apostolic Nunciature.
  • 19.00 Arrival at the Apostolic Nunciature.

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