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The Sacred Heart of Jesus – Images around Rome

June 19 marks the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a liturgical feast celebrated on the Friday after Corpus Christi. The devotion to the heart of Jesus has Christ’s unconditional love at its center, exemplified in the blood and water which poured forth from Christ’s heart in his sacrifice on the cross. St. Marguerite […]

Three hidden Marian images to find in Rome

By Hannah Brockhaus Rome has an abundance of beautiful churches, interesting relics, and sacred art. To wander the streets of the city’s historic center is to stumble upon something amazing. But some of Rome’s treasures are just a little more hidden. Here are three less-known Marian images which can be found in Rome… if one […]

The good, the bad and the ugly: 7 takes on the Notre Dame fire

The world watched as the roof of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris burned earlier this week. The world watched, and the world sometimes has a big mouth. Most reactions to the Notre Dame fire, from Catholics and non-Catholics, were those that sympathetically mourned the loss of a beautiful building and a landmark of faith and […]

The Catholic Guide to 2019 March Madness

Welcome to March, and some of the least-productive work days of the year.* March Madness tips off on March 19 and 20 with the First Four tournament, and then the real fun begins on March 21 with the first round. If your alma mater was not selected for this year’s tournament (🙋) and you’re looking […]

The giant Venezuelan rodent that tastes like fish, and other obscure Lenten delicacies.

When it comes to fasting, we Catholics don’t have much to complain about. We fast, but we can still have a normal meal and two smaller meals. We can’t eat meat on Fridays, but we can eat fish. And so we fry it. And throw a party with all our friends. And drink beer. The Church has […]

Girl, check yourself: An honest review of ‘Girl, Wash Your Face.’

I’m the kind of person who shouldn’t read self-help books written by my peers. I have very high standards for who has any legitimate authority in my life: Jesus. the Pope. my mom. the cashier at Chik-Fil-A. my best friend when she tells me light pink shirts wash me out and make me look like […]

Catholic Myth-busters: Immaculate Conception edition

On Dec. 8, the Church celebrates the feast of the Immaculate Conception (it’s a Holy Day of Obligation, so make sure you get to Mass)! There are three common misconceptions about this feast day in particular that we’d like to bust wide open. Myth #1: This is about Jesus’ conception Nope. The Solemnity of the […]

3 Nun things for Vocation Awareness week

So, it’s the 42nd annual Vocations Awareness Week in the United States, and you’re looking for the perfect ways to promote vocations to the consecrated life, right? Well look no further. Here are three things that will help you promote vocations (for women) to religious life. 1. “For Love Alone” – a film about women […]

Jesus painting survives church fire unscathed

Religious articles seem to have an uncanny knack for surviving natural disasters. While an “inferno” burnt down an 1800’s-era Baptist church in Wakefield, Mass., one thing survived basically unscathed – a large painting of Jesus Christ. “I’m personally taking it as a sign and a reminder that the Jesus, the Christ that we serve is […]

‘Kiss me I’m Irish’ – new DNA tests confirm heritage, solidify identity

By Christine Rousselle   The popularity of genealogy research, particularly through the use of DNA kits and online resources, is a sign that humans are longing for a sense of community and kinship, a panelist at the World Meeting of Families’ panel “The Importance of Belonging: Exploring Contemporary Interest in Genealogy” theorized Aug. 22. Genealogy […]