In light of the humanitarian crisis related to the Syrian civil war – 100k dead already, and 1.9m refugees – and a current push by some Western nations to intervene, it seems we would do well to spend time praying for that country. Fr. Timothy Finigan, a parish priest to the south east of London, had suggested that very thing yesterday, and to that end one of his readers sent in a Litany of Syrian Saints, since many of us only know St. Ephrem. Who’s very cool, btw – his hymns have really interesting interpretations of Scripture that Latin Catholics are pretty unused to.

For a taste of the Syrian saints in the prayer:

St Apollinaris, pray for us.
St Felix of Nola,
St Abraham of Arbela,
St Dorotheus of Tyre,
St Eusebius of Samosota,
St Anthony of Antioch,
All ye holy Syrian Hieromartyrs,



Anyway, head over there to find the litany, for private use, and give it a pray.