If you ask an Aussie to describe a platypus for you, he will likely tell you that the small mammal is an awkward and almost laughably absurd combination of a beaver, a duck and a kangaroo. The question is: is there room for a platypus Pope?

According to the Washington Post, some Catholics believe there is:

“Kate Childs Graham  — short hair, glasses, 28 — talks a little about her faith. She loves being Catholic. She was raised Catholic. She went to Catholic University. She and her partner, Ariana, were married by an ex-nun, and their toddler, Asher, was baptized in a Catholic church.


Still, it’s a struggle and a cognitive disconnect to love something so deeply that sometimes seems not to love her back. She was devastated when the bishops of Maryland — her adopted home state — banded together last fall to oppose same-sex marriage. “We just have to keep doing the work of being the church that we want to be,” she says, on her activism.

Shortly after Benedict announced his resignation, she polled several friends in the progressive Catholic movement on what qualities they’d hope to see in a new pope.”

This is precisely how a platypus Pope would look.