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That time Blessed Mother Teresa was a Marvel comic book hero

By: via / ChurchPOP Church Pop has previously featured the awesome Marvel comic book of St. John Paul II that was published in 1983. Well that comic book was so successful that Marvel decided to do one for Bl. Mother Teresa! Published in 1984, you can still find used copies on Amazon. Here’s how one […]

6 Fascinating Videos from the Papacy and Death of St. John Paul II

By: April 8 is the 10th anniversary of the funeral of Pope St. John Paul II. Here are some videos from important moments in his papacy, from his election to his death and funeral.   Papal Election: October 16th, 1978   Assassination Attempt: May 13th, 1981   Last Public Appearance: March 31st, 2005   Announcement […]

12 Amazing Christian Sculptures Made Entirely Out of LEGOs

By: Making every lego brick subject to Christ. via Sacré-Cœur Basilica Jesus via Created by a Swedish church, the statue is 6 ft tall, is made up of 30k bricks, and took 40 volunteers about 18 months to put together. St. Paul Cathedral (London, UK) via Some of the detail: Scorpions […]