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Amen Bible Rap

Ok so I’m a sucker for older British men rapping about the bible in low-production-value Youtube videos….who isn’t? This rap doesn’t include the Catholic books of the bible, but is smashing good fun nonetheless.

The Boston Marathon bombing jury – could all Catholics be excluded?

The search for a jury for Boston marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev has reached its fourth week, and Boston-area Catholics are learning they could be excluded from serving on the jury if they support Church teaching regarding the death penalty. According to a report from USA Today, potential jurors must be willing to send someone to […]

Wine made just for the Pope: Cabernet FRANCis

The Catholic, Californian, and family-owned winery Trinitas (Latin for Trinity) began making papal themed wines with Pope Benedict XVI. According to a story by Religion News Service, Trinitas co-owner Tim Busch is a also a trustee of the charitable organization The Papal Foundation, and wanted to have a wine to present to Pope Benedict XVI during […]

Pope Francis, Rabbits, and What Catholics Really Believe

You’ve probably heard the news about Pope Francis’ off the cuff remarks regarding rabbits and family planning. Take a look at what CNA’s managing editor, Michelle Bauman, had to say about the Pope’s remarks in an interview with HuffingtonPost Live today: Here’s the full text of the Pope’s in-flight interview with journalists: Here’s Catholic […]

The Pope is coming! So put on your…diaper?!?

Pope Francis is coming to the Philippines for five days next week – Jan. 15-19. Any time the Pope goes anywhere it is a big deal for that country, and the Philippines is no exception. With 86 percent of the country’s 98 million-some people identifying as Catholic, the crowds to greet the Holy Father are […]

19 Spiritual Resolution Ideas for the New Year

So you’ve vowed to up your intake of kale and have signed up for yoga to kick off the New Year. But has your spiritual life been part of your New Year’s resolutions? Here are a few ideas of small, practical steps you can take to get spiritually stronger in 2015. 1. Daily Mass. If […]

Pope Francis: God’s voice is in tears of children at Mass

In case you missed this news a few weeks ago: During an evening Mass at San Giuseppe all’Aurelio parish in Rome on December 14th, Pope Francis told parents that children’s tears were “the best sermon,” as reported on  Addressing parents whose children had been baptized in the last year, Pope Francis said “…children cry, they […]

Consumerism: Why it’s bad and what you can do about it

My friends tease me all the time about how often I tell camp stories, but that’s how I’m going to start this blog post. It was a warm, probably July evening and the camp was having a cookout by the duck ponds. Our main dish choices, as per usual, were hamburgers or hotdogs. As I […]

6 Christmas Youtubes: The Religious and The Ridiculous

As an early Christmas present to you all, here are my top six must-watch Youtube clips for the Christmas season, placed in order from most religious to most ridiculous. 1. The first selection is an adorable video by St. Paul Arts and Media of the cutest Kiwi kiddos ever (Kiwi = New Zealander) narrating and […]

The Sisterhood #Truthbombs

Sisterhood #Truthbombs (and a scheduling change!) By now you’ve probably heard about The Sisterhood, a new reality show on Lifetime that follows five women as they discern a potential vocation to the religious life. Although I was at first skeptical about a secular network doing a show on sisters, I changed my mind after I […]