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How Jesus photobombed Planned Parenthood on Google Maps

Google “Planned Parenthood – Denver Stapleton”, and you might be surprised at what you see. The first image that pops up with the location on Google Maps is a picture of the front of the clinic – with a Eucharistic procession taking place in front of it. The image, submitted by a user, is likely […]

The ‘people of the cross’ are taking back Iraq

The cross of Jesus is being lifted once more over many parts of Iraq, where for years Islamic State terrorists left a path of death and destruction. As a military campaign to rid the Mosul area of the Islamic state rages on, videos are surfacing of “the people of the cross” reclaiming their homes by raising makeshift wooden crosses over the churches […]

Cosmo interviewed an exorcist. Yes really.

Your favorite teen magazine (just kidding just kidding just kidding) just published an interview with a real exorcist priest, and it’s actually a very interesting and thorough Q&A. Disclaimer: The above is a link to Cosmo. Some of the ads and language on the site are what my editor would refer to as “lusty smut.” Fr. Gary […]

Catholic Trivia? There’s an app for that.

Catholic trivia buffs and owners of Androids, lend me your ears. Five Australian Dominicans have developed a Catholic trivia app that’s going to have you dusting off your Catechism and your Code of Canon Law to school your friends in Catholic knowledge. Players start out as novices and work their way up through five levels […]

Karol and the King of Siam

A video released by Thai CatholicMedia shows footage of the country’s recently deceased King Bhumibol Adulyadej meeting with several church officials over the years, including now-Saints Pope John XXIII and Pope John Paul II (Karol Wojtyla). King Bhumibol Adulyadej died Thursday after suffering from poor health for some time. He had reigned over the Kingdom […]

Nine reasons to oppose “Death with Dignity” laws

It was just under 2 years ago when the young and beautiful Brittany Maynard brought new attention to the topic of physician-assisted suicide after her highly publicized decision to end her own life under the Oregon “Death with Dignity” act. Since then, new bills advocating for physician-assisted suicide have been cropping up all over the […]

Step up your No Shave November game with this challenge

Dudes, this one is for you. Although it’s still early October, let’s be real. It’s time to start planning your No Shave November (aka Noshember aka Movember). If you’re looking to step up your facial follicular game this fall and grow in virtue with a community of like-minded men at the same time, check out The […]

The happiest day of St. John Paul II’s life

The happiest day of St. John Paul II’s life may not be what you think. To be sure, there were many days of his life that might seem like obvious choices – the end of World War II, or his ordination as a priest, or the day he was named a bishop, or cardinal, or the Pope. But actually, […]

Catholic Emojis are something to love about the iOS 10 update

New iPhone updates are among the things we love to hate, and the new iOS10 update is garnering just as much angst and ire as its predecessors. But while there are several reasons to be annoyed at the change (Mashable came up with seven, actually), one cool new feature is the improved texting, which now includes drawings, […]

Can church save you from your internet addiction?

Chances are you’re probably reading this blog on your smartphone, and chances are you use your smartphone a lot. Perhaps, if you’re anything like most people, you’re sort of addicted to that little box of digital information constantly at your fingertips. In a recent piece for New York Magazine, author Andrew Sullivan worries that this widespread, frenetic addiction […]