Have you heard of two brilliant tools to allow Catholics to be better informed and involved with the Papal election?

The now-available Pope Alarm from the college missionary organization, Fellowship of Catholic University Students (FOCUS), will notify subscribers via e-mail or text the moment the white smoke rises from the Sistine Chapel.

Web Director for FOCUS, Kevin Cotter, explained in a press release that the papal election is “one of the most exciting events in the history of the Church.” However, because of the time difference between Rome and the U.S., “It is possible that someone may be sleeping or engaged in another activity and not know of the election.” To solve this problem, users can provide their phone number and/or email address to receive the notification.


Users can also follow @popealarm on Twitter for even more updates. (Speaking of Twitter, you might also want to check out @PapalSmokeStack‘s feed).

With today’s technology, Catholics can be notified in real time when the Pope is elected. Now that’s what I call a great response to Pope emeritus Benedict’s call to evangelize the “digital continent.”

An even more useful resource for Catholics during this historic moment in the Church is the Adopt A Cardinal tool which allows users to sign up to pray and sacrifice for a voting cardinal during the conclave.

The cardinals face no easy task ahead of them during this time of deliberation and prayer and they need all the grace from God they can get. It is essential that the Church lift up our prayers that these men be docile instruments of the Holy Spirit.

So far, nearly 400,000 people have committed to pray for their randomly-assigned cardinal. Users can also share the name of their cardinal via Facebook and Twitter to encourage followers to commit to praying for the Princes of the Church as well.