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How to watch the Beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey

Father Solanus Casey, beloved American priest and Capuchin friar, will be beatified on Saturday, Nov. 18 at a Mass in Detroit. Known for his great faith, attention to the sick, and ability as a spiritual counselor, Casey will be the second American-born male to be beatified. The Mass will be said at Ford Field in […]

How to pray your loved ones out of Purgatory this November

It’s the first week of November, which means it’s the best time of year, liturgically speaking, for you to shave off some temporal punishment for all your loved ones in Purgatory. In case you’re unfamiliar with Catholic teaching on the afterlife, there are three places for a soul to go after death: Heaven, Hell, or Purgatory. According […]

Chainsaw nun inspires new craft brew in Florida

Sr. Margaret Ann’s prowess with a chainsaw, which launched her into internet fame during the aftermath of Hurricane Irma, is now being commemorated in a new craft beer made by Due South Brewing Company in Boynton Beach, Florida. The brew is an Indian Pale Ale entitled “Nun with a Chainsaw”, with a can design reminiscent of horror […]

Running nun featured in Runner’s World

There’s something that fascinates the world about watching habited nuns do otherwise very ordinary things – what else could explain the popular Nuns Having Fun calendar, or recent uptick in nun-themed television series, or Chainsaw Nun, media darling of Hurricane Irma? This phenomenun (get it) could also explain why Sr. Agnus Dei was featured on […]

This secret Vatican passageway used to be an emergency exit for the Popes

In the heart of the Vatican is a seemingly inconsequential wall that actually holds a secret passageway that used to serve as an important escape route for the pope and other Vatican officials. The Passetto di Borgo, or the Passetto, is a raised passageway approximately half a mile long linking Vatican City with the Castel Sant’Angelo, a […]

Thousands gather to pray rosary at Poland’s borders

On Saturday, the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, thousands of Polish Catholics gathered along their country’s border to pray for peace, as well as for the future and salvation of Poland and the world. [email protected] Jeszcze o #rozaniecDoGranic Popatrzcie na interaktywną mapę przedsięwzięcia https://t.co/Kb2qlSUI2x Brawa dla Organizatorów! pic.twitter.com/Yw5aqxS6rc — Ks. Józef Kloch ن […]

Updated: Watch the new documentary on Blessed Stanley Rother, the first U.S. martyr

The Archdiocese of Oklahoma City has released the new documentary on the life of Blessed Stanley Rother, the first U.S.-born martyr, who was beatified this weekend. From the unassuming town of Okarche, Oklahoma, Blessed Stanley became a missionary priest in Guatemala during a violent period of civil war. His name on a death list, Bl. Stanley came back to […]

That time Archbishop Sheen guest-starred on a TV game show

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen is probably one of the only almost-saints that can add “television star” to his resume. One of the first televangelists, he is perhaps best known for his show Life is Worth Living, which ran from 1951-1957, followed up by The Fulton Sheen Program (1961–1968), shows with millions of viewers that made him a household name at […]

Carmelite nun mows down Irma wreckage with chainsaw

A video of a Carmelite sister brandishing a chainsaw and mowing down hurricane-fallen trees has gone viral since it was posted to the Miami-Dade police department’s Facebook page yesterday. Here’s the video, in case you haven’t seen it yet: “Thank you Sister and all of our neighbors that are working together to get through this!” […]

Things Mother Teresa Didn’t Say: There’s a website for that

As far as vastly-misquoted leading historical figures go, Mother Teresa ranks right up there with the likes of Albert Einstein and Abraham Lincoln. The internet is ripe with sickly-sweet memes and quotes supposedly from the beloved saint. As it turns out, many of them are actually the words of other people, while others are an attempt […]