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Video: ISIS destroys Catholic Church in Philippines

Days after the Islamic State reportedly kidnapped 15 people from a church (including a priest and nuns) in Marawi, Philippines, the terrorist group released a video showing showing the destruction of a Catholic Church. The terrorists can be seen smashing statues, tearing a picture of Pope Francis and finally setting the church on fire. The […]

Watch: Irish nun trends on Twitter for showing off soccer skills

A Dominican nun and an Irish cop are trending on Twitter after ITV News posted video of the two kicking a soccer ball around on the streets of Limerick: An Irish nun has shown off her football skills in a ‘keep uppy’ contest with a policeman – but who do you think won? pic.twitter.com/ac88pcnylk — ITV […]

Disturbing robo-pastor beaming blessings in Germany

When John Paul II wrote, “Do not be afraid of new technologies!” in a 2005 Apostolic Letter, it is, um, unlikely that he envisioned robo-pastor BlessU-2. The brainchild of an evangelical church, BlessU-2 is a robotic pastor that issues automated blessings in Wittenburg, Germany, the same town where Martin Luther kicked off the Reformation 500 […]

VIDEO: At Franciscan, if you can’t go to commencement, commencement goes to you

Richard Perry was scheduled to graduate with his MA in Theology on Saturday, May 13, at Franciscan University when an infection in his leg landed him in the hospital on May 12. Requiring surgery, Perry would not be able to leave in order to make it to his commencement ceremony with his fellow classmates. But […]

Study guide released on Archbishop Chaput’s latest book

  A study guide with questions for discussion has been released to go with Archbishop Charles J. Chaput’s most recent book, Strangers in a Strange Land: Living the Catholic Faith in a Post-Christian World. Published by Henry Holt and Co., the book was released in February and takes a hard look at how Catholics in […]

Fake news: Patriarch Kirill did not bless computers against ransomware

Yesterday, we posted an article linking to a tweet that showed a photo of Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill blessing Russian computers against the ransomware virus “WannaCry.” The article was based off a widely proliferated story on Twitter. Later we discovered that the original photo is from 2013, when Patriarch Kirill blessed the new building of […]

The miracle that made this 13th century saint the patron of television

By ChurchPOP There’s a patron saint for practically everything in the Catholic Church, whether it’s gravediggers, stress relief, or protection against pirate attacks. But did you know there’s a patron saint for television – and she’s from the 13th century? By the end of the 1950s, it was clear that television was becoming one of […]

Pun-loving nuns, friars form band called ‘Force of Habit’ at CUA

Four nuns and two friars walk onto a college campus…to play some sweet jams. Four religious sisters of the Michigan-based Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist, along with a Dominican brother and a Franciscan brother, have formed a band at The Catholic University of America, aptly named ‘Force of Habit’. (The sisters used […]

What should you do on Good Friday? Spring cleaning

It can be difficult to know exactly what to do on Good Friday, aside from prayer and attending church services. The somber and solemn tone of the day make many joy-inducing activities seem inappropriate. One option for a fittingly austere activity that has religious roots in salvation history? Spring cleaning. The now widely-accepted phenomenon of […]

Watch these friars’ impressive ‘cup game’ moves!

You’ve never seen the cup game played quite like this! Last year around Christmas, the Franciscan Friars Minor posted a Facebook video showing members of their community playing the “cup game” to the tune of “Jesus King of Glory.” The video was posted along with an appeal for donations to support the community’s seminarian fund. […]