If you don’t spend most of your weekdays on the internet, or are about to be snowed in for the next several days, have no fear. We have several Catholic news (and not-so-news) items for you to catch up on over the weekend.

1. We kicked off the week with Martin Luther King Day on Monday. While you may know him from history class as a great civil rights activist, did you know he was also deeply motivated by his Christian faith? He was. Also, there exists at least one sweet picture of him standing arm in arm with some clergy.

2. Can you out-Catholic Steven Colbert? America’s favorite Catholic T.V. show host and Lord of the Dance is at it again, dropping some serious Catholic knowledge-bombs with actress Patricia Heaton on Tuesday:


3. In the marriage and relationships department: Why I Never Considered Living With my Husband Before Marriage  and one the most honest interviews I’ve seen about waiting for marriage.

4. News from the Vatican: Women can now have their feet washed on Holy Thursday, and listening is good for communication, says the Holy Father (good tip!). And the cutest lambs were dressed and blessed for the feast of St. Agnes on Monday.

5. The 43rd National March for Life commenced on Friday with huge crowds, despite threats of a veritable snowpocalypse expected to arrive in the area Friday afternoon. Even though it’s been over 40 years since Roe v. Wade, the event is more relevant than ever, activists say.

Postscripts: Obama carries a rosary from the Pope in his pocket, among other things. The bagpipe guard was at the March for Life again, as well as the yellow LIFE balloon crew, much to everyone’s excitement. Oh, and we’re on snapchat now! Add us pls.