Catholic trivia buffs and owners of Androids, lend me your ears.

Five Australian Dominicans have developed a Catholic trivia app that’s going to have you dusting off your Catechism and your Code of Canon Law to school your friends in Catholic knowledge.

Catholic Trivia


Players start out as novices and work their way up through five levels of Catholic trivia of increasing difficulty. The game contains 1250 questions on six categories – Art and Literature, Biblical knowledge, History, Liturgy and Customs, Saints and Personalities, and Theology.

The next level up from novice is a deacon. The Dominicans who developed the app are keeping the names of the last two levels a secret.

Catholic Trivia 2

The app has been in the works since 2013, when five Dominicans studying for the priesthood with the Order of Preachers decided to make an app to help spread the Catholic faith.

Fr. Matthew Boland, who started working on the project before he was ordained, said that he was disappointed in the lack of Catholic apps available on Android at the time. He had graduated from a free online course in computer science from HarvardX, and while he knew that he and the other friars wouldn’t be able to create a complex app like Pokemon Go, they still had something to offer the app world.

“I thought we needed to play to our own strengths,” Fr. Boland told The Catholic Leader.

“We’re not a development studio, but the thing we have that no one else does is seven years of studying theology.”


It’s true – their breadth and depth of knowledge is obvious. While I’ve only been trying for a few rounds, I have yet to make it past a Level 2 Deacon without using Google. Once you lose three Pope lives, you get knocked back to the beginning of the round with the pronouncement: “Your devotion to the Pope is not fanatical enough!”

Catholic Trivia 3

Lucky for those of us who haven’t studied theology for years, Googling questions isn’t really considered cheating.

“We’re totally fine with it,” Fr Boland said. “If people are Googling for the answers, that’s probably a good thing.

“If there’s a question about a Pope and they want to research into it, go for it.”

The app was first developed for Android, though Fr. Boland says he plans to code the game for Apple as well.

He added that it’s a good game to play in groups – the Dominicans had a “very engaging” round of trivia with the app recently.

“They were getting quite involved, some were annoyed if they got the answer wrong,” he said. “It’s not just for a person who is on their own.”

So far the app has been downloaded more than 50 times by users around the world. Find and download the free app on Google Play by searching “Catholic Trivia.”